Wednesday, April 2, 2008

So far so good

As some of you may know, I just started a new job. Today will be day 5, and they have not fired me yet.

I work for glaceau, makers of Vitaminwater and Smartwater. Yesterday I earned a few stripes when I got to explain to some people why not all sugars are the same. Of course the inevitable question came up.. "do you run marathons?". It is funny now to answer "no, not anymore".

Glaceau is owned by Coke, so I eventually might have something to do with Powerade. I had to touch that subject with kids gloves. I stopped short of trashing Powerade, but I told them Coke HAD to reformulate it if it were to be taken seriously in the sports world. The response was "it isn't?". I said "nobody trains with that stuff"

On the good note, I now have a major stash of samples. I even snagged a stash of "Vitamin energy" for everybody at Chippewa. (I almost broke an axle getting the stuff home). I know it is not a sports drink, but it is free, and they needed to unload this.

So back to the important stuff, running. Yesterday was off, Monday an easy 8, and today will be 10 (maybe 12). Hadd test will be Friday or Saturday. This will be an exciting test, and I will post a "time for me to beat at Chippewa" after the completion. I am already thinking 4:15 will be that time.

Oh yeah, use caution if running at RTA. After yesterday's snow, monsters might be lurking. If you see a man with a hatchet running around, run fast, and use the Shinning.

Hey Jim Wilson, you still going to McNaughton? You can always run Chippewa twice!


UPDATE = Ran 12 miles - 8:50 pace - 141 avg heart rate. Sweeeeeeet!


keith said...

Good stuff! Glad to hear you're off on the right foot with the Coke would be interesting if they made a drink one could actually use. I'll stick with my cytomax & ecaps.

You're like a Glaceau bootlegger. Sweet!

Carl Gammon said...

Wow, a time to beat of 4:15! That would be great. Just remind me that I can't try to keep up with you like I was when you were doing low heart rate.

SteveQ said...

4:15 might be a little ambitious, given the ankle-deep mud expected at Chippewa. I'm planning on 4:00-4:15, so I guess I'm a little ambitious, too.