Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Stu Almighty

So I had to take my first business trip in a long time to, of all places, Flint, MI. Well, we covered a large portion of the state, but that is where I flew into.

I picked up Stu Mittleman's "Slow Burn" for the plane ride as I never did really get far into the book. Most of my low hr training was from Phillip Maffetone.

Well, since the FAA had computer problems with clearing flight plans this morning, I sat on the Milwaukee tarmac for 2 hours. Being the slow reader I am, I read about 2 pages.

I read about "applied kinesiology", which is the the relationship between and organ and a corresponding muscle (i probably slaughtered the definition, so don't source me). He basically claims that he was able to heal his knee pain through massaging and manipulating a certain spot in his abdomen (one is kind of connected to the other). I over simplified this, and probably did a dis-service, but cut me some slack.

Normally I would think this is crack pot goofy thinking, but then I look at where I have come in my years of running. I then look at what Stu has achieved. He also sources Dr. George Goodheart as the person who has reasearched, studied, and documented the concept. I would never have believed one could cure ailments through working, massaging, etc... certain parts of the body, but then I would have never believed I could have been able to run 50 miles.... and feel good at the end.

I love reading what Stu has to say, because it is geared at people like me, the average joe.

So I will advocate on the behalf of Stu, and I recommend the book (even if I am not done with it).

Today - off (long day on the road and I am tired... boo hoo)
Yesterday - easy 8 - 71 minutes - 139 avg hr.

Racked Fab 5 50 Pale Ale into secondary last night. Looks good.


aharmer said...

Haven't read that one yet, will have to pick it up. Good to hear you racked something, even if it's only beer;)

keith said...

It is an interesting book. I have gotten about halfway through it and am just trying to keep an open mind. I like his theories about shoes (bigger, wider the better), not on his reliance of orthotics. But I suppose any fool who runs across the United States of wide America would probably need some extra support.

SteveQ said...

Stu is a blend of talented veteran and enthusiastic crackpot. His 50 mile training plan in Glover's "Competitive Runner's Handbook" taught me volumes, but one of his books details how people with different blood types should follow different diets. Caveat emptor!

Runner Brewer said...


I am feeling he his half genius, half crack pot.

Tough to argue with his results. Not sure I would enjoy running 1000 miles.

grimeyrunner said...

The only doctor I've been to in over five years is an Applied Kinesiologist. I was pretty skeptical and sometimes I still am but I've seen and experienced some amazing things along the way.