Thursday, April 17, 2008

Yeah, but can she run

While traveling with one of the Coke guys today, we came across this circus at the IDS Crystal Court.

I saw a bunch of people wearing Ortho jerseys, so I had to prod. I found Eric Lindstrom, who looked well recovered from this weekend.

All the while talking to him, I noticed this competition on bikes on trainers. This "girl" was putting the hurt on this "guy", but got caught on the final virtual hill. She looked buff and in shape, but I doubt she could run fast.

Cough, cough, ahem. Double click for a closer look.

The Mayor of Minneapolis jumped on after them. He looked out of place with his nicely groomed hair and the jersey. He needs to go hit the trails.

Eric might join the "party cabin" for Ice Age. We'll see how he does after 31 miles. Answer= still kicks my butt


grimeyrunner said...

Your first 100 on the Superior Trail?! Ouch!
Wear shin guards and knee pads. The rocks are sharp.

keith said...

Dude, that was Carrie Tollefson on the bike. Can she run? Um...Team USA seems to think so! ;-)

I may have a special request 'brewing' for about a MN Trail Series root beer? Because the trail series is like - the Fab 5 Ultra series "lite."

Eh? What say?

keith said...

Oh, shit. I spoiled the joke. Sorry, dude.

keith said...

Delete my Tollefson Comment. I am too dense (and blind to dry humor) to post here. :-)

Runner Brewer said...


I am glad you caught that. I was worried for a second.

That girl has some serious muscle tone in her arms!

My wife has been asking me to make hard lemonade, so that might find its way into a post race party.

I have root beer on tap now.