Friday, April 18, 2008

Good luck Trail Mixers

Good luck to all who are running Trail Mix tomorrow.

I will not be there. Taking kids to Karate, and clean up day at church. Will run early and think of all of you.

Took today off as well as Wednesday. Had a mild case of DOMS, I believe.

6 Monday
8 Tuesday
8 Yesterday

Plan to do 16 tomorrow.

Started the weights again now that the low hr training is past base phase. I wanted to do a hill workout this week, but the body was needing a bit more recovery time. Hope for a hill workout Monday, Tempo Wednesday, and a Big Long Run next Saturday.


keith said...

I'm a big fan of the strength training. It got me through this winter of not running much, and frankly, I think my running is better for it.

What's next on your schedule? You should do some shorter trail series stuff.

See you at afton, too.

Runner Brewer said...

Ice Age is next.

You could still run the 50k.

My races are limited to my desire of wanting to remaine married as well as knowing my children.

We might volunteer soon.