Monday, April 21, 2008

First dreadmill hill workout since low HR training

First of all, forgive me lord for I have sinned.

I woke up this morning to pheasants crowing, birds chirping, and a balmy 54 degrees. My prayers have been answered. So what do I do, I get on the treadmill. This was my first dreadmill run in probably 1 month.

I needed to do a hill workout, and there are not many hills in my part of town.

This was first "hard" workout since early january, minus the Chippewa/Arrowhead 1000k snowshoe marathon.

The workout
1 mile warmup

8 repeats of 15% incline at 5mph, 1/2 mile distance.
1/4 recovery at same speed, 0% incline.

I thought it would be harder than it was. It was easier than the last time I did this workout. Sooooooo, I know I did not loose much hill strength during the low hr phase. I know that this is anecdotal, but hey, what am I going to offer up?

I am a bit sore from it, as the last two intervals took some work.

Long run at Afton this coming Saturday. I plan to do the 50K at a "decent" pace. Not sure what that will end up being, but in the 150 avg hr area.


keith said...

I hope to join you for a slow 25K loop at Afton on Saturday. I'm just glad you have the course memorized!

Take 'er easy.

SteveQ said...

What time are you starting? I want in on this thing you call trail running.

Bryan said...

Dude, that pink stuff in the picture you just posted on your sidebar -- is that the same stuff that was at the second/second-to-last aid station at Chippewa Moraine 50k? Cause that stuff wrocked my world on the return lap and I've been craving it ever since. I think it's time for product samples at Afton this Saturday.

Bryan said...

Such a relief too after all that "Succeed" drink, which from the taste of it was distilled from hog's sweat.

Runner Brewer said...

I was thinking of starting REALLY early on Saturday (possibly 4:30), so my wife can do her own thing in the afternoon. I will let you guys know what the plan is if you want to meet up.


The race is fuzzy, but I don't remember any of the vitaminwater at aid stations. I did have some of the "formula 50", which was purple, grape flavor at the finish as well as the energy drinks (in the cans).

I will have samples in my trunk on Saturday if you want to try them. I will also bring a stash to Ice Age.

Kel said...

Bring DEET. The ticks are starting to pop.