Friday, April 18, 2008

Fab 5 50 pale ale

click here for the pale ale report


Carl Gammon said...

Now that is something worth running for!

phillip said...

We may have to serve the Fab 5 Fifties Brew at the Awards Fest later this year for the Race series and the UMTR Meeting.

This would make the Fab 5 Fifties the ONLY series on the globe with its own beer. Wow!

Now if I could only drink beer . . . .

Thanks for the sentiment on the snowshoe run at Chippewa Moraine. That's one of the more insane ideas I've had, but the result was worthwhile.
I'll soon have the article in Snowshoe Magazine about that effort.

It's all for fun, right??

Best on the Trails,
Phillip Gary Smith