Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Damage assessment

Third day now since the race, and no major damage. I did not have a single blister. I am not sure how I managed that.

I have two toenails who are contemplating a permanent vacation. Discoloration, but not black yet. I have only lost a toenail once, and that was skiing. (poor fitting boot, lots of moguls).

Ran 6 yesterday, 9:20 pace, 130 hr. Not too sore.

Funny, after all of that, I am no where near the soreness and pain after a road marathon. Those marathon miles building up serious LA can hurt. I thought I would have some of that, but I got lucky.

A quick heart rate recap from the race. 156 average. Some splits (between aid stations were 160 or so).

I will attempt to post a report from my Polar software for those interested. It was not a big deal to go from 140 avg hr to 155 for a race.

We will see how today's run is. 3.5 weeks until Ice Age


keith said...

Well since you don't hurt, maybe you should run Trail Mix.

Eh? What say?

Runner Brewer said...

That would be a no.

I thought of you today. I was a the Coca Cola plant today. In fact, i am going to have a coke zero right now in your honor.

Maybe if I stick a lemon in it I will lose 10 pounds

Kel said...

Toe nails are highly over rated anyway. Congrats on your race!