Tuesday, August 24, 2010

It's a bandwidth problem

One of my new co-workers has made the reference a couple of times to people who have a tough time grasping macro-concepts as "He doesn't have the bandwidth for what we were saying".

I love that saying.

I think it applies to me and blogging right now.

I have not posted in 3 weeks. I could say

"I don't have the time" - That is kind of a lie.
"I have nothing to write about" - Has that stopped me before?
"I don't know what to say" - See above

The reality is this:

I am one of the luckiest people I know. I am on week 6 of the new job, and it is easily the best job I have ever had.

I work with great people, I represent the best of class in the industry, and the company is relying on me to do what I think is best for the business.

Cool, cool, and cool. I look forward to going to work. How many people can say that?

I have been laid off 2x in 2 years, and I have come out with great jobs in both circumstances. I now have survivor guilt. I know too many people struggling and suffering, and my empathy for them has kept me quiet about my new gig.

So what the heck does all of this have to do with running? Everything. Ask people who have known me A LONG time, and they will say running has always been a reflection on what is going on in my life. Well.. only a few people really know that. One friend used to gage what kind of mood I was in by my weekly mileage.

I try to approach many things in my life with a degree of passions. "Go big or go home". I am just wired that way.

Passion = Bandwidth

Right now all of my passion is going into work. I am learning my region, the business, and what I have to do to exceed expectations. It is great, but draining.

I have been running 20-50 miles per week, but it is all over the map. But.... I don't care. I am healthy enough to run, and I still enjoy it.

I am pretty sure there are no more races for me this year, but that is totally cool. I might run in the Grey Ghost 5k with my old fogie neighbor (the fast one), but that doesn't really count now, does it?

So a quick recap of the last 3 weeks.

Ran the Marin County Headlands - That place is freaky! The bunkers out there look like a set from the movie Trainspotting. Add the fog = Me freaked out... and nearly got lost.

Ran in Austin, TX last week in 102 heat, 75 dew point. I am still sweating. I found a pizza place named "Death Metal Pizza". It was closed. I HAVE to got there next time I am in town.

Ran the Des Plains river trail in Chicago land, 95 & humid.

Ran at home a bunch. Humid.

Ran in Dallas today in 90 something and upper 70s dewpoint. No problem. 9 miles. Maybe I am getting acclimated.

It was 107 when I got to the hotel last night. I don't know how people survive down here

Blah, blah.

I am crewing for Bill P at Superior. Really looking forward to that. Can't wait to see everybody suffering out there and being on the other side for a change. I am brining tons of coffee, so hang with me and you shall be fine.

I will work my bandwidth problem.

Wait... that sounded really bad

Monday, August 2, 2010

You might have a running problem if.......

....you get to your hotel room, look out the window, see this view, and think

"I wonder if I am allowed to run across that bridge?"

So I actually Googles "Can I run across the Oakland Bay Bridge?"

I guess I am not the first to ask the question. Unfortunately, as of now, the answer is no. But they are rebuilding it and adding a pedestrian/bike access side. How cool would that be? Run into San Fran from Oakland?

I would just have to put aside the horrible memories of the Northridge earthquake and just get high above the bay and enjoy it.

I did find out I can run across the Golden Gate Bridge for free..... but I am not sure I will have time to make that trek.

So this blog might turn into my stupid adventures of which city I am in, and which run I am trying to complete.

This week I will probably make it up to the Oakland Hills. There are some nice trails up there.

But it is a full week of learning about the new job and company. I get to do some cool stuff this week.

Another lame, rambling, post.

But I did run 48 miles last week.