Monday, January 28, 2008

Low HR Training

After the recent re-visit of low heart rate training and discussion, I remembered that about 15 years ago I was intrigued by the same subject. I was reading, you will be surprised, an Anthony Robbins book.

I remembered reading a story about a guy who advocated low HR training, and had great results to show for it. I went to Barnes & Noble looking for the book, they even searched it, and nothing existed from this author, or the subject for that matter. I figured he was probably a quack (as some say Tony Robbins is). HR monitors were just coming on the market, but were big, clunky and expensive. I even worked in a Bike shop, and were still expensive with my huge discount.

So, that was the end of my interest in low HR training. And, I knew 2:30 marathon runners who did not do it. I decided to take my advice from much better trained and higher performing runners. I good and bad idea at the same time. This might account why I did not race for 10 years.

After reading some of the links on Adam's blog, I kept remembering my 1 day stint of low HR training. His links, Hadd and Maffetone with kudos given to Mittleman made me dig up that book where I read it.

I found it today. There were two guys quoted in the book


I guess I was way ahead of my time. I ordered a book by each of them today on Amazon, although it was not the original book I was looking for. That book was "The 1,000 mile race of life" by Maffetone.

Nobody had ever heard of him in 92.

Mark Allen, the famous Iron Man Triathlete endorses his methods.

Ironically, we had an autographed poster of Mark up in the shop I worked in.


So I did a Hadd test to start low HR training for the next 2 months. I already have done 2 weeks or so of it, and it is mentally tough.

The results are on Adams blog, so you can see the boring data.

The part I found interesting was how hard it was to keep my HR low at low speeds, but once I hit a certain point, I had to increase my speed a lot more to get to the next avg hr group.

If this works really well for me, I will continue it up until 2 weeks before Chippewa 50k.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Boring blogging for the next month

I knew winter would get the best of me. All the best intentions in the fall can't overcome the lack of desire which comes this time of year.

I decided (after much reading) to switch to strictly low HR training for the next two months. (Thanks Adam for the links on your blog).

Although I have been a runner most of my life, I don't think I have run intentionally at a such a low heart rate for long periods of time (distance, and days).

On a good note, we are going to down to visit my parents in south Carolina for most of February, so I get to have a little sun and warmth.

My plans for the next month are 50-70 miles per week, max HR 149.

In hindsight, my best years did have late winter/early spring running at easy paces. I did not make much progress following the "typical" marathon training plans. I always started them with a strong "base", but maybe not. I will evaluate in early/mid March to see how long I will extend it.

The first 20 at the HR will be interesting. I will probably have to run halfway around Hilton Head Island.

right now 6.5 mhp is where that HR lands. 3:15 20 mile run will be tough mentally, but at least it won't be on the dreadmill.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Valiant Effort to Carl and Allan

I just checked the update on the HURT 100 mile race, and both Carl Gammon and Allan Holtz dropped after the 100k point. My guess is that they knew they would not make the 36 hr cut, but we will have to hear their reports.

This was to be be Carl's first 100, and he chose one of the hardest. I prayed for you during my treadmill run today, Carl!

I can only imagine what he had to go through to get to that point.

I guess this means you will be joining us on the Superior 100!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

I don't like winter

I think I was a bear in my last life, and would just be hibernating at this point.

My knee seems to be better.

I did 12 on the treadmill yesterday, 10 at an 8 min pace, the the last 2 at nine minutes pace. I know what y'all are thinking. That is not "Long Slow Distance", but I just get soooo bored on the treadmill that I can't concentrate for longer than an hour at slower than 8.5 min/mile.

I think this is the period every year where I just don't care about running anymore. The lack of sun, smells, etc... take the juice away from me which get me running.

I took today off, not sure what I will do tomorrow. Probably experiment with tempo pace again to see if the knee holds up.

Even though it is the dead of winter, the first race (50k) is a short 3 months away, hard to believe. I like a big race earlier in the spring.

The plan is to put in a couple of 20 milers if Feb, and do my first training 50k in March.

Winter sucks

Monday, January 7, 2008

So far so good

The knee held together for an 8 mile run today. 1hr 6min, I probably should have gone slower, but I have lost my gage as a result of a lot of treadmill training.

I plan to lay of the hill work, speed, and long runs for a little bit.

More ideas for Superior Training to come

Sunday, January 6, 2008

I have the kneed, the kneed for speed


That was lame, but I gave the problem knee a try the last 4 days. Each day I tried, it seemed to painful to run on.

Today I tried it outside. After 1/8 mile, I thought I was done. I took it real easy and changed my form around around until it seemed manageable. Then, at about 1/2 mile, no pain. Hmmm.

I took it very easy for six miles with no problems. It does not hurt around the house or anything. Maybe its just mechanics, or my mind.

We will see tomorrow.

Looks like there is some interest in a June Superior training run. Adam requested Grandma's, Steve Q requested not the 7th (Kettle 100), and Wayne seemed to be game for something.

I will toss around some ideas and post to the Dead Runners to see if there would be any other takers.

The training options could be the following:
1 - Start Friday night at Gooseberry Falls, and see how far we can get (50 - 62 miles?) Take a nap. Party Saturday night in Canal Park. Or, go watch Grandma's, then take a nap.

2 - Start Saturday morning, and do the same. Try to finish in time to party in Canal Park?

3 - Insert comment here.

That is a tough weekend for lodging, but camping is always good for me.

Time to ice the knee.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Fix the knee - Start planning

As stated yesterday,

I kind of messed up my knee, I am guessing, at Richard T. Anderson on Adam's extreme course. I did not feel any problems until Tuesday. Something did not work right. So I am doing easy pace until it works fine.

This gives me time to think about the planning of SST 100. Adam and I might document it in a Podcast, but I am still learning that avenue. I thought it would be cool to have a "How we trained for a 100 mile" type podcast available out there, since I could not find one. My, what geeks we are.

I am also starting to think about "weekend training runs" with some of the fellow 100 milers (or anybody). Aside from the training races, I am thinking of at 50 mile to 100k distance in June on the trail. My thoughts were to find 3-4 other runners, plus cars, plant the cars at 10 mile intervals as aid stations, and see how long the first 40-60 miles will take.

Not only will this be good training, but will give me a good idea as to what my pace should be.

Chime in if you want to be a part of it. This would be similar to Julie Berg's "Beta" run she does in August. I would be concerned waiting that long as I need a better gage earlier.

So there is this blog, maybe a podcast, and maybe some video documentary to go with it.

It should be fun.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

The 2008 Season

Today I sat down with the Mrs. and discussed the races I wanted to do this year. With a little hesitation, I started with the Superior 100 bombshell, and worked backwards from there.

She was cool with it! So, it looks to be my first 100 this year at Superior.

The schedule looks like this so far.

Chippewa 50k
Either Ice Age 50 mile or Superior 50k (depending on if I have to go to a weeding)
Afton 50k
Voyager 50 mile
Superior 100

Many fat ass runs to fill in the gap.

Only problem is, my knee is a little strained due to Adam's RTA course.

Can't wait for the snow to clear so I can get out to Afton.