Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Prep for the big opener

I get like this before the first race of the year (or at least significant race). All I can think about is the race. I am pumped to test out my tedious low hr training.

I do have the jitters, as I have done zero tempo work and zero speed work. Like most racers I plan to do the out somewhat relaxed and controlled, and start the race.

Out and back races are fun because you can see everybody, take some cheap shots, and watch the race unfold. I especially like Ice Age because there are two points of out and back, and things really change by the second one.

I think the race will begin at the turnaround. There could be fresh snow on the trail on Saturday and chilly conditions. I would not mind either as I have trained in that. I will have a spare drill wrench and screws in case I need some spikes for the shoes.

Easy week for me.

8 Monday
off Tuesday (spank me 37 times)
6 today
5 tomorrow
off Friday

Git R Done


keith said...

I hope you see the same kind of results as Adam has seen. Hopefully I'll see you (or a blur that looks a lot like you) on Saturday!

Wayne said...

You only take cheap shots at people that are ahead of you, right?? I'm curious if I'll hit the turn-around before the first of the racers finish!

aharmer said...

Happy Birthday old man! I turn 38 in two weeks, we'll have a bday party after the race.

Bryan said...

Five miles on Thursday? That's not much of a taper. Better to go into it a little too refreshed than a little tired.

Kel said...

After hearing the mid-day weather forecast, it sounds like this could be shaping up to be a snowshoe race...

Views from a director said...

Good Luck at Chippewa. Yikes, those boardwalks are going to be slippery.hopefully I'll See you guys at Chester Woods in June

Runner Brewer said...

Okay kids,

did 4 today instead of 5. Enough of a taper for you Bryan? I ended standing all day yesterday at a trade show, and will do the same today.


I will be waiting for the cheap shots from you.

Looks like serious snow.