Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Lapham Drinking Club

They call themselves the "Lapham Peak Trail Runners".

I saw Lapham Peak, I saw trails, I saw runners, but I saw a lot of drinking, eating and hanging out. This could be one of those drinking clubs with a running problem.

I was dumb enough to bring a decent stash of homebrew thinking "hmmm, this is more than enough". I returned with 1 or 2 of mine, and a case of 12 oz Blatz in cans. Blasphemy!

As with many trail running groups, these guys and gals are fun to be around and not at all pretentious. They have a lot to be pretentious about, if they chose to. I think 5 of the guys I was out there with ran Ice Age 50 in under 8 hours. Me, being the 8:40 runner felt rather inadequate. One of them won it outright last year. So these guys (and girls) can run.

Brad and Julie (I think at least one of them have been at every ultra I have run) were there tearing up the trail. They both had just run Wild Duluth 100K, and Glacial 50M, I believe (and were going to run the North Face races that weekend). They should go for Gnarly Bandit next year.

So I got to run the stairs, and that tower everybody has probably seen. It is on the Trailbreaker Marathon. Picture of it here.

I guess we did the "Black Looop", but I am not sure. All I know is that they ran all of the hills, and 1 hour was enough for me.

So then we hung out for a couple of hours doing what trail runners do best. Talk about boring stories of..... Glory Days. (you are supposed to sing that a la "The Boss").

Kevin Grabowski, the self appointed "Good Looking One", took these pictures.

That's the famous Dave Diehar on the right, Me, Brad Birkholz, and Julie Treder.

As you can see, a fine smorgasboard of trail runner fuel.

I might be back for the Funk Road 50, a race celebrating Jeff Mallach's 50th birthday (it starts at 6:03 PM on a Tuesday, 50K). I have a sales blitz that day and the next in WI. Not sure if I can do my job, sandwiching in a 50K at night, but might be fun to try. (although, might be tough to explain)

You might be an ultra runner if.....
.... You work all day, and then run a 50K at night, sleep for a few hours, and go back to work (I am no desk jockey).

So thank you to the Lapham gang.
Dave, Joel, Ron, Kevin, Brad, Todd, Angela, Deb?, Julie, Jeff, Craig, and I think a few others. They are a fun bunch. And they now how to "List Trash Talk". The MN Dead Runners used to be good at this, but I think the list got to big for constant back an forth smart ass remarks.

And.... this got me back to running again. Steady 8 mile runs daily again, but nice and slow.

Thoughts and ideas brewing for the winter. Will have some posted by the end of the week.

Good luck to all who are running Surf the Murph this weekend. I am opting out to spend time with the family (don't you hate that lame-ass cop out?).

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Spoke too soon

As soon as I started to bask in my self pity and lameness, I looked at my schedule for the next 2 weeks.

Being in Wisconsin Wed-Fri, I thought I would give Kevin of the Lapham gang a shout to see if he was up for showing me the "Lapham Loop" on Wed. Turns out there is a group run there on Wed night.

Turns out he emailed the whole group saying I would be there. So, I offered to bring some brew, and now I am running again (tomorrow).

I think they are going to try and bury me, but Afton is my home course.... and I have many miles on the Superior trail. How hard could it be? (famous last words).

On a good note, I slept a full night 2 Nights in a row. No coughing! yeah!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Trying to get back on the wagon

I hit the perfect storm.

Lots of work, extensive travel, family stuff, eating like crap, and sick. Running is the last thing on my mind, and I don't care.

I need the time off. At least to rebuild mentally.

One of the harder things about training for ultras is not the long runs. It is the daily 8-10 milers at an easy pace. I made them a daily ritual, and it paid off.

I have basically been doing that for about 11 months now, and I am ready for a break.

I will probably start up with something November 1st. I have some ideas for competition between me and some of those of you who read this. All for fun, but more importantly to keep me going.

Stay tuned

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Still Alive

Work has a funny way of putting a kink in the running schedule.

7 of the last 8 weeks I have been on the road for 1-5 nights per week. It is catching up to me. At least now I am on my own, and able to set my own schedule. Thus, when on the road, I can bail at 5pm and go run somewhere for a few hours (instead of joining others for dinner). I am sure I have packed on a few pounds.

Not sure if the race season is over for me, or if I will venture out and do Surf the Murph 50M. I would like to, but if I am low on desire/ambition, etc, it could turn ugly.

I will be out spectating at the Twin Cities Marathon tomorrow. Good luck to all who are running. I will be cheering at around mile 24.

I might be wearing a poncho in case Nic decides to yawn in technicolor as he goes by.

I am going for a run now.