Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Incline

First off - Thanks to all who continue to read this blog even though I only post 2-3 times per month. I considered putting it on hold, but was told not to.

Today reminded me why I am a trail runner.


Last time I was in Denver, I ran up to the top of Green Mtn. At the top, I met another trail runner who, after talking about what kind of stuff we like, said, "You have to go do the Incline".

I responded with "The what".

He said.... "Google - The Incline"

I experienced it first hand tonight. I took a picture, but it sucked.

The Incline

In short, it is 2,000 feet of gain in 1.02 miles. THAT IS BAD ASS. 6600 ft to 8600 ft.

This is a small peek looming in the shadow of Pike's Peak.

Pictures don't do it justice, but check out the pics from the above link or just google it.

I thought it looked somewhat doable until I was looking straight up at the damn thing. 61% grade at its steepest, 41% average, it is gruelling.

And fun.

It kind of reset my batteries. I passed a bunch of people on the acent, and only got passed by one (and he is in training for the Special Forces). I will give that one a pass.

One the way down I took the Barr Trail, as most people do. I killed it. I passed at least 20 people. Could have done the decent 2x.

I realized at the bottom that I am still somewhat "In the game". Down hill running is a skill, not necessarily something great runners can do. I felt like a new man at the bottom.

At the bottom, I talked to a bunch of kids who are on a high school wresting team. I feel good again about the future of America, because these kids were put together.

Ironically, Crossfit is a part of their training. They were floored that I not only knew of it, but could discuss some of the "WOD's" they do. As tough as these kids are at the WOD's, I could take almost all of them on the Incline. This middle aged dude ain't done yet.

So if any of you are ever in the state of Colorado, you have to venture to Colorado Springs (Manitou Springs) for "The Incline".

And you better not "Decline"

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Straight Cash Homey

Just when you thought it was all over.... the notorious boy comes back.

Yes, this is a running blog, but I have contemplated changing the name to "Straight Cash Homey" in honor of the return of Randy Moss.

In case you don't remember, check out this and this.

I equate Randy to John Mcenroe. Without these guys, their sports would be a lot duller (more dull?).

Mcenroe even said it in an interview.

Glad to have Randy back. I personally liked the "I play when I wanna Play" and "that's chump change" myself.


Austin, Tx has some nice running trails. Houston does not.

Thanks Lapham boys & girls for a great run last week.


Great job TCM runners on Sunday. Caught a bunch at mile 24. Nothing like watching Helen run by with a sign of Budweiser and Bailey's.

Straight Cash Homegirl