Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Brewer is back!

What better way to celebrate the start of the trail racing season, than to brew a batch of beer. It has been 3 months since my last batch, and the supply is getting low.

Brew session tomorrow evening. I will try and remember to take pictures.

The Brew
American Pale Ale (I was going to do a summer wheat/ober clone) but changed my mind.
90% American 2 row pale.
10% Cystal 60L

Pearle bittering hops
Cascade aroma hops

Wyeast 1056

If you are thinking about running Ice Age, I will bring a keg of this to the "party cabin".

Ran 8 this morning - 9:20 pace, 136 avg hr.


Kel said...

I'm not sure what the different kind of hops are, but I love pale ales. Must be some type of power food?

keith said...

What do you think the chances are that you could brew up some Diet Coke? Because I need it when I run barefoot. It makes me faster. ;-)

Thanks for the tip!!!