Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The cliche "Year in Review"

You might be a bad blogger if....
....... it has been so long since your last post, you have to sign in again because your computer does not recognize the website. :)

Yes, as cliche as it is, I am deciding to do the year in review for one reason, I actually had a good year!

And for the first time in almost 30 years of running, I actually achieved one of my "secret" goals.

In short, here it is

Ran my first 100K
PR'd my 50 Mile (Ice Age - Won my age group.... the Lapham gang are still wondering how I pulled that off with an 8:41)

And the big one.... Kettle 100.
-Beat my best 50K time
-Beat my 100K
-Ran my second fastest 50M
-Ran sub 20
-Got my first top 10 finish (in a race where there were more than 10 runners)

And then it was all downhill after that.

A killer Voyageur (glad to just finish it)

A DNF at Superior (yes, it still stings).

BUT..... I learned a ton about myself this year, and learned some key elements of training and racing.

Oh yeah.... I won my first race ever! The 10K the week after Kettle in the middle of North Dakota. The competition wasn't deep, but I will take it. 42:something won the race (it was like running with concrete shoes I was so sore).

So the down time of blogging is almost over. Training season about to start. Not sure what is in store, but I am grateful for:

- The health and well being to be able to show up to any race
- The great friends I have made on the trails (okay.... even you cool hand)
- People who are willing to read this

Merry New Year (It's happy new year, dimwit) Movie?