Saturday, March 29, 2008

Big Foot spotted at Afton

Beware, this footprint was spotted at the top of Campground Hill at Afton.

Fun day at Afton today.

Me... I had to start early to get home for the family, so it was 5 am start time.

It gave me a chance to try out my new Petzl Tikka Plus head lamp. It was fun. A good buy. I wanted to try the snowshoe loop in pitch dark, and it was interesting. I am not as used to running this part backwards, and in the dark took more attention. I did have a near "Superior Grade" fall down and ice sheet (i was not wearing spikes), but all in all a fun loop.

I proceeded to the Meat Grinder, and Campground, and back to the parking lot to meet up with Todd Rowe, Jim Wilson, and Karen Gall. It was fun hanging with that group.

Todd is running his first 50 at Ice age, Jim is running Kettle 100 (and Chippewa, right?), and Karen is coming off injury. I am sure we will see her burning up the trails this year.

I caught a good pose of them on the Africa Loop.

Also a good shot at the morning sun.

Halfway through was saw someone in shorts. Only person that crazy would be The Jon Storkamp, the new RD for the Afton Trail Races. I talked to him after my run and he said "I am still recovering from my run last month" Understatement of the year. He won the Arrowhead 135 mile race in northern Minnesota, in snow.

Later on we saw Jeffrey and Alicia, and this created an opportunity for a great picture

All in all a good day.

I ended up (not intentionally) running 33.75 miles, and I felt okay at the end (not trashed like 2 weeks ago).

I am ready for Chippewa
I am ready for this low heart rate training to be done. Next week I will do my final Hadd test and post a synopsis of the training.

7hrs. 33.75 miles. avg hr 140


keith said...


I wonder what the beast looks like???

I bet he has a really hairy back.

bryan said...

33.75 miles? Strong you have become with the Force, young padawan.

aharmer said...

low hr training to be done? It never ends young Jedi (that was for Bryan, I don't even know what the hell a Jedi is). You just keep getting faster at that low hr, and you now get to throw in the weekly fast run to keep your sanity in check.