Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Zumbro updates

A little over 4 weeks until the race, and now the details are in.

Updates here.

We need more runners! There are only 15 signed up.

If you think you can run 50 miles, just sign up. The second 50 are always tough, and no amount of training will prepare you for that.

Hey Red Beard, sign up, or I will come to Lapham tonight and pound your shoulder.

It looks like most of field is pretty experienced. It should be interesting.

Lots of aid stations on a 20 mile loop. Makes planning a lot easier.

My only major worries at this point

I think the snow will be gone by next week.

Too late to worry about the training. Trying to schedule a tune up run with the "FM" soon.

Chalk this post up as a useless, rambling one.


NJ said...

I'm probably in for next year but I just don't have the training for this one. Hopefully a few more get signed up very soon. Good luck!

Julie said...

Well, I know that you don't want me because I have only run thirteen so far! Maybe someday:) I hope you find a few more runners:)

SteveQ said...

If Larry didn't insist on a Friday start, it'd have more entrants. Still, I think people are worried about snow.

The captcha reads "menschfur." I like it!

Anonymous said...

Sure, I can run 50 miles, but that alone isn't enough to convince me to try this race now. The multiple months long training regimen before I try to tackle a hundred miles is to get me mentally convinced I can do it.

Helen said...

"The second 50 are always tough, and no amount of training will prepare you for that."

You just know that one's gonna come back and haunt you :)

Matthew Patten said...

Todd - We've done those runs together. You're ready. Get off the bike.

Helen - It's already haunting me.

Steve said...

Snow? Who's worried about snow? Not me. I've been running in snow all winter. If you train in the elements, then you have nothing to fear on race day. ;)