Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Minneapolis Home & Garden Show Report

If any of you have worked one of these as an exhibitor, you know that it is an ultramarthon of its own kind.

Yes, Wednesday through Sunday it was all selling, all of the time. Just call me Ron Popiel of the coffee world.

I decided to make it fun, and act like a street sales vendor. Me, the tile guy, the "Grill it" guy, and the Kitchen Window staff were all competing for best sales pitch winner.

I saw a few trail dudes out there. Andrew stopped by to chat, saw Jason the flower boy, and Tom Rowe. Not to be confused with Todd Rowe, or Time Roe. Maybe we should have a bottle of the Rowe's.

If you did not know, I work for this company, selling "K Cups" (and other coffee) to distributors. I was supporting Premium Waters at the show. So here is an official plug for my distributor partners - If you want or have a water and/or coffee service, and you and/or your business in in the MN/WI Fargo, Grand Forks area, do business with these guys. Tell them you were referred by me.... Then they will say "Who?"

But... I digress.

A Big shout out to the Costco sales team (Tom & Annette), the 2nd Wind Exercise team (Garret), Dion the Grill it Guy (I think I drove him nuts), and the Kictchen Window Gang, the guy who sells $35,000 marble tigers, the wine slushy guy, and the Peppermint something women (dang.... can't remember their website)

When you give away coffee, everybody becomes your friend. That was pretty much my weekend.

Long hours, constant talking and schmoozing. Lost my voice. Got sick. Still sick. Not working out.

I'm hosed.

I did get a a 2x two times on thursday. 2 intervals of 12 minutes.

first interval
2 miles

not bad

Saturday did 1 hour time trial. 8.8 miles. Not bad... left some on the table.

Nothing since then.

Oh well. Maybe I will wake up tomorrow a happy camper.

MAYBE a run at Afton this weekend. Any takers?


nwgdc said...

at some point...soon...i'll be at afton for one of these morning runs. not this weekend, but soon.

and if you're not there, then you owe ME a trip up the the Northern Kettles (the REAL Ice Age Trail) on your next trip to Wisco.

Hell, you owe me that now, for all the grief you've given me. When's the next time you're around?

Steve said...

Matt, get well soon. I haven't been out to Afton all winter since the trails at Lebanon Hills have held up so well. There's usually a group that's out there Saturdays at 7 am, and I'm usually out there on Sundays at 7 am as well. Only 6 weeks until Zumbro. Time to hunker down!

SteveQ said...

Zach was saying that a co-worker's told him "Matt the coffee guy says you're slow." Nice.

My training's just gone belly up due to non-related medical stuff.

Psyche said...

I hope you feel better soon.

Just a head's up: It's mandatory I stalk you if you're known as "the coffee guy".