Monday, March 29, 2010

A Date With Fran

One of the benchmark workouts in Crossfit, if not THE benchmark, is "Fran"

This is the workout that "Crossfitters" use to compare times. Very much like distance runners saying "What's your marathon PR". They both have a lot in common.

Fran is a killer. It is the ultimate "metcon". It is heavy weight, high intensity, endurance, yet speed.

Fran is

For time
95 lb Thrusters
Pull ups

21 reps each
15 reps each
9 reps each

I pulled off an 11:20 time this morning. I was happy considering the times I started it before, I did not finish. This is one of those workouts you have to be fully comitted to before you start. I kept thinking about Zumbro during the workout.

It is a painful one, but somewhere in the middle I got into the zone. Yes, I had to break each set up, but not as much as I thought I would have to.

There are guys out there that can do this in under 4 minutes. That is a level of fitness which is hard to comprehend.

That may be my last "metcon" before Zumbro. I think from here out it will be mostly ab stuff, lower back, and jump rope. Good excercise, but not the "I'm am going to die" workouts.

Headed down to Kansas City, so I might dig up a trail nerd or 2.



nwgdc said...

You know, I was tempted by the the 50M at Ice Age...but even with your cargo shorts and shirtless training, I don't think I'd stand a chance at keeping up.

Anonymous said...

Hey, where are all the comments? If I didn't know any better I'd think you were speaking a different language. I think the lack of "easy run" or "tempo" in the post caused some confusion, you might want to go back and add them before you lose your following:)

Anonymous said...

Don't run too fast at Zumbro, you'll force me to start looking at the race calendar too!