Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Rondezvous with The Nerds

Beautiful week in Kansas City.

It hit 80 today, so I got some heat acclimation. Cough Cough.

Met up with Bad Ben last night. Hung out at a local pub and talked brewing and ultra. What could be better than that?

Ben is the cornerstone of the Kansas City Trail Nerds. The Nerds are a pretty active group of runners. And Ben is a cool dude. Knows A LOT about brewing and running.

I was blessed to receive a Nerds shirt and hat from him. Pretty cool.

Tonight I ran at the Shawnee Mission Park with a few of the other Nerds. Lots of mud. I backed off towards the ended saying "okay, that is all I am giving my legs this week". The constant mud could have twisted an ankle.... or worse. Made it through with no problems.

Good week at work. And next week I get to be home all week.


I also found out this week that the Big Grabowski can't handle a real flight of stairs.


Julie said...

Hi Matt,
I love the name of that group...The Kansas City Trail Nerds:) even scored a t-shirt! It sounds like you were in heaven sitting in a pub talking about two of your loves...brewing beer and ultras:)

Thanks for making me feel better about running on my toes:) I have heard so many times that distance runners are supposed to run and land on midfoot. I really thought that I was doing it wrong and that was possibly the cause of my running issues today.

senator said...

Matt, In 2008 I ran my first ever trail race, " The Berryman" in BFE MO. While there I got to meet some of the Nerds during the event. Those were some of the coolest people I met over that weekend. In fact, I still follow Rick Mayo and his blog just because he took the time to talk to me in the hotel lobby at 4:30 AM.

brothergrub said...

Those Santa Monica stairs handled me... Guess I'll have to start running the Lapham steps holding my breath to toughen up...

Psyche said...

The Nerds sound waaay cool.

When you find out what's better than hanging out talking running and brewing...PLEASE let me know!

Have a great weekend..!