Thursday, March 4, 2010

The benefits of being sick

I got back into today. Did not run for 4 days, no strength and conditioning for 5 days.

My whole body was sore.

As I stepped up to do the running workout this morning, I was kind of wondering "Well, I guess Zumbro is going down the tubes". I know it is stupid thinking, but when one removes the intensity of training, everything slides with it (especially the emotional confidence).

But... I have been there 100 times. I know it won't hurt me, and the rest may even help me.

What being sick really did for me is take the pressure off. I am not trying to cop out, I just don't want the pressure of any benchmarks and/or expectations at Zumbro. I just want to "do it" (notice how I did not say "just finish").

For those who are looking to say "ha, see... I told you so" if I do crappy at Zumbro, save your breath. I think it is too early to fully gauge this program with that race. I am also not mentally dialed into to it as a race.

There is a reason I am going solo, with no crew and no pacer

* No expectations from anybody, and nobody to let down (believe it or not, having crew is a little stressful) No offense Bill, it has more to do with how I handle having a crew. You have people out there ONLY FOR YOU. That is a burden.
* I know how to run these now. I know when it is okay to go faster, and when you need to go slower. I know how it should feel. I can't explain it any better than that.

Ice Age 50 will be the test. And I will be "chasing paint" with high intensity.
The RD and a few of us are working on some fun things for IA50. If you go, you will get some laughs. (unless you are tightly wound and/or a prude)

Okay... I am rambling.

Today's pain


5 min on, 2 min rest

Held 11MPH for both segments

1min on, 30 sec rest
11.5 first 2
11.3 final 3

Strength and Conditioning

Back Squats, 60% 2 reps on the minute every min for 10min. Drive out of the bottom as quickly as possible. (Ended up with squat rack)

Rest 5min

4 Rounds for Time

10 Glute Ham Raises, Body weight only!

15 D-Ball slams, 20-25lbs

20 Unbroken Double Unders

Actual time, 9:55. Subbed double unders with 50 regular jump rope skips.


And the big news.


I will do at least 1 loop, maybe 2. As I see it, I am not supposed to do "Long Slow Distance", so I have to run these hard.

Meet at the parking lot at 8am if you want to join me for the second loop. (If I am not there...I bonked.... wait for me) And because of the certainty of ice, spikes and chains required (whips optional)


Julie said...

I am glad to hear that you are feeling better and back to yourself again:) Your comment made me laugh!! I mean really laugh...I have not heard of your running group but I am fairly new to the running thing! Your group sounds like a blast:) Maybe you could adopt me and I could join your club for a run or two and then decide:) The coffee, drinking and having a good time sounds like a good time! I think it would be funny to scare fellow runners who are running in the long as that runner was not me:)

Thanks for your comment...I needed some good humor!! Have an excellent evening and happy training! I love getting comments....please continue to visit my blog:)

SteveQ said...

Doubtful I'll be at Afton, but you never know. I hope to be around at Zumbro (may go from Chippewa to there) to help you - or someone else - get through it; I relied heavily on unplanned pacers.