Friday, March 12, 2010

4 Weeks - The plans are in

Yes.. Four weeks from this moment I will by navigating the Zumbro Bottoms scenic area, getting ready for a long night of running.

I have a strange sense of calm. I am not worried anymore. This is one of those types of races where one has to have a plan and strategy to deal with the mental and physical things that creep up.

For me, the biggest obstacle is a high dew point (above 60) which there is zero chance of happening at this race (okay...maybe 5%).

The next obstacles down the list are ones which can be overcome by during the race (outside of a significant injury). For me, preparing for all of these obstacles and how I will deal with them is 1/2 the race. The other 1/2 is split by how I manage my pace, and how I manage my fuel. Hydration is not a problem for me in the cold.. Just keep x amount flowing.

Steve G mentioned my head is not into it. Partially true. Part of my mentality at this point is talking my self down to a calm level. Unlike a marathon, where people get pumped up the weeks before, I find I almost have to do the opposite for these. You have to cruise into the start like it is just another day. Calm, cool, collective. Get through the first 30 miles in a calm manner, then the worries about training go away.

My fears lie in 3am to 5am. The goal is to be far enough in the race that the excitement of getting it done is offset by the death spiral of 4-5 am.

The training run at Zumbro is confirmed, and I am looking forward to a hardcore tune up run/race.

My calves are seriously sore from KG and Double putting the hurt on me, but I will be thanking them in 4 weeks.

Time for planning to commence.


Good luck to Helen at Way Too Cool 50k tomorrow in California. Don't let them confuse an Irish accent for Minnesotan'.

Try not to get too bloody and/or dirty, Helen.


Anonymous said...

Not sure this helps, but the one thing I told myself I'd do at my next 100 would be to walk 10 minutes every hour.

I also want to get to the aid station, break out a baggy and fill it up with stuff to eat. Then eat the contents while I walk down the trail.

The idea of going out there is huge. Just cruise around, take it easy and get a feel for the trail. You are strong as hell. Twisted steel. Use this to your advantage. One thing I have done is take three hours in the woods and see how much ground I could cover by going as easy as possible. I walked, jogged, glided down a few hills and still found I could cover 4-5 miles an hour without much effort. That's what you want to do. Take care of yourself and maintain the reserve.

Paint King

Helen said...

I'll try! Thanks.

You'll be set for Zumbro. I agree, treating like another day and keeping calm is what works best. It's gonna be a long day, no need to starting worrying about it til it starts to hurt. Which is hopefully well after dark. Enjoy the training run - hope it's not too muddy.

Anonymous said...

Matt, looking forward to seeing you out at Zumbro, you will be more than ready, The 100s all have loads of unpredictables to make the journey more interesting, looking forward to sharing the pain and comradery." Ah remember grasshopper, the only place where the word success comes before the word work is in the dictionary" the Gnarly Bandit '09

SteveQ said...

Sometimes that sense of calm is what you need and sometimes it's a blase feeling - and if you don't care, you don't finish. Like me at Lean Horse - I just didn't give a c***.

Steve said...

Matt, what you do have going for you at Zumbro is the suffering you've put yourself through in your Tabata training. When the going gets tough at night, you'll be ready to deal with it. Really looking forward to seeing you out there in 4 weeks.

brothergrub said...

Talk to Larry and see if he can work some steps into the course...

(My calves ache some too - and I went back friday for 20 more while they still hurt... Paid for it today....)