Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Lapham Steps

On my escape from Sconnie land, I was driving by Lapham Peak, and I figured I had time to do a set of 15 Lapham stair repeats. It was perfect weather, lunchtime, and no snow.

It was nice NOT to have Kevin and Todd pounding me into misery.

15 was enough.

I am feeling cautiously optimitstic.


nwgdc said...

I'm running that this weekend. I forgot how many steps there are.
One time will be fine for me.

Julie said...

Hi Matt,
Wow, that looks like work!! I am pretty sure that if I were to do that every single leg muscle would be screaming:)

brothergrub said...

What?!?? You poached our steps without us?!?!

brothergrub said...

By the way - I will be poaching YOUR steps in Santa Monica on Monday -

4th street and Adelaide Drive here I come!!!!!