Sunday, March 21, 2010

Scuppernong and the Infamous "Kettle Prairies"

Still in Sconnie land. But unlike the Sconnie basketball teams, I am still alive.

Joined up with Todd Egnarski and his future son-in-law Marcel Uttech out at the Scuppernong ski area/campground. This is the spot at the Kettle Moraine 100M/K where the runners hit the 50K turnaround. It is also the spot where I hit one of my low points in running 2 years ago and dropped.

The parking lot still holds bad memories, even with last year's redemtion.

We ran down some of the Ice Age Trail toward the "praries". I had to take my camera, as I know at least 6 runners who will be taking their first 100 shot at this race in June. So here you go Bill, Guy, John, Karen, Jenny, Kel. Enjoy the pictures of the prairies.

These pictures look harmless, but add 85-90 degree temps, no wind, and dewpoints in the 70s. This may not sound hot, but the humidity beats down on you in this section and destroyed me 2 years ago. I still fear this area.

On the way down, Todd asked how far we were going. I replied "How about Emma Carlin?". Todd, "I don't think we should be going that far". Me (insert the sounds of rusty gears going in my hear) "oh, yeah, that would be 50K round trip. Let's not.

We turned around after 5 miles.

Todd and Me

Todd and Marcel

Todd hugging a tree

We ended up doing around 15 miles. It felt good. No problems.

Ended up racing Todd up some hills.


Julie said...

Hi Matt,
Thanks for sharing those awesome pictures...tons of baeutiful scenery:) You guys are all studs in my book!!

Anonymous said...

Remind me, how did Minnesota do at the NCAA???

Karen S

Matthew Patten said...

Nice try Karen.

You might not know that I am actually a "FIB". I know all Sconnies what that is.... but do you know what a "FISH TAB" is?

Gophers didn't deserve to be there to begin with.

My mildcats will never make the tourney.

I am starting the Karen S hype for you. I thinkg you will open can of you know what at Kettle.

Anonymous said...


I do know what FIB is , but had to look up Fish Tab...did you know that there is an Urban Dictonary online!
I thought maybe it was somehow related to "pull tabs"...and not the kind of beer cans.

Not sure what kind of can I may open in the kettles, door to the can maybe.

Go Northen Iowa! I guess!

I think I am working somewhere at Zumbro Friday am. Good Luck...


Guy said...

Matt, thanks for the preview! Sounds like there will be quite a few new 100-milers at Kettle this year. I'd hate to enjoy that much misery alone :>)

Matthew Patten said...


The FISH TAB is was referring to is