Friday, March 5, 2010

Yet another exercise I can't do


Holy buckets. They look easy. Try them.

I did them "assisted" today, which meant I sat down on a chair and then stood back up. How people go all of the way down, touch their butt on the floor, and stand back up baffles me. And, they do it with a kettle bell.

File this one under "things I suck at". This file is starting to gain weight (Double Unders, Hand Stand Push Ups, Muscle Ups, etc.

Did this today.
10 pistols R leg, 10 pistols L leg, 10 chest to bar pull ups, 9 pistols R leg, 9 pistols L leg, 9 chest to bar *chin ups, 8 pistols R leg, 8 pistols L leg, 8 chest to bar pull ups .... 1 pistol R leg, 1 pistol L leg, 1 chest to bar chin up. * take note, even numbers are PULL ups, odd numbers are CHIN ups. Chin ups are when your palm faces you. "Thumb around bar, no open palm grip"!

Funny, the pull ups and chin ups were the easy part.


So..... the Zumbro landscape changes almost daily. I received 2 messages today about participants. One is opting out. I am bummed about it, but the reasoning has a great upside. I will give you a hint with a few choice letters (WS, IA, FM). If you can figure it out, you are very clever. Bill, I think you already know, so don't spill the beans.

The other was one was a fellow runner about to commit. I will give you a hint on that one (LPTR, BB). Bring on the border battle Sconnies! (oh yeah.... he's doing 3 days of Syllamo, AND.... he had major shoulder surgery like... yesterday? Mercy.

I hate to say it, but after these two messages...... the pressure is back on!

I guess Sunday's run at Afton will be a throw down practice run. I might have to go all out on the second loop.

Why do I do this to myself?


Julie said...

Don't feel bad, I suck at swimming and golf! Chances are you will eventually get better:) Me, not so much. Have a great weekend!

SteveQ said...

I can do one-legged squats, but not intentionally.

It's great to have the one bad hand as an excuse to not be able to do most of the exercises you do. Keeps me from temptation. Those hand stand push-ups would have to be one-handed for me!

Won't make it to Afton tomorrow. Break a leg!

SteveQ said...

Okay, "red beard" is out, but I'm still deciding if FM is "fifty mile" or "female master."

SteveQ said...

Hyphenated last name for WS IA FM, right?

Matthew Patten said...

Steve, I thought for sure you would figure it out. You probably got WS....(That one is obvious). IA is kind of obvious (it is related to WS, but only for this year). FM is a nickname (given by me, in relation to me)

I guess you figures out LPTR BB as he has a red beard

Bill P. said...

I think Steve and Matt have different definitions of "squats" :-)

Anonymous said...

FM: Matt Howard?

Matthew Patten said...

Very good Richard!

FM = Fastest Matt