Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Top 3 in the world

My buddy Jim Sheehan scored a 3rd place finish at the World Matsters Indoor Track Championship in the 1500 Meter age group 60-65.

He actaully has a bronze medal to show for it. .4 seconds off of second place.

Here is a 60 year old man calling me yesterday sounding like a teenager running his first event. Pretty funny. He couldn't stop talking about it.

He also ran the 800, but got jobbed by some idiot who thought he would take the lead and couldn't hold it, boxing Jim in moving him from first to last. Jim was able to rally to 4th, but the 800 does not leave a lot of room for catch up.

His wife and my wife could care less about our running/race stories, so he needs me and I need him to talk away about all of the stuff nobody cares about.

He did tell me that international competition brings a whole different level of strategy and frustration. In those meets, it is hard to run the race you want to, because others can screw it up.

I think I said "See... when you get passed early in a 100 miler, you have the chance to pass that person again. Sometimes it doesn't happen until the following day". Or "I remember chasing a guy for 40 miles at Ice Age, I think he was only 1-2 minutes ahead of me the whole time, but he just wouldn't give up." He got what I was saying, but it's a lot different than 800 Meters.

Next up for Jim, a shot at being the first man 60 years of age to ever break the 5 minute mile. Not sure when this will happen, it keeps getting put off.

Great job Jim - Way to represent the neighborhood!

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