Tuesday, July 1, 2008

It's race week.......AGAIN!

One thing I did not take into account in having a heavy spring race schedule was the limited time to train once they started. It seems since Chippewa 50k in April, I have either been recovering or getting ready for the next race by taking it easy. I am not a big believer in tapering. I just take it easy 1-2 weeks prior based on the race and type.

All the books say to taper for 3 weeks, but I never had a good marathon doing that. My best are two weeks, with some hard stuff the week before.

I am finally pumped for Afton. I was still on the fence about it a week ago, but looks like the weather will cooperate.

The beauty of this loop course is that the first loop will truly be a warm up, a killer warm up. Then the action gets fun.

It also helps to know the course intimately, like that root on the snowshoe loop right before the bridge. I have snagged it many times.

Of all of the times I have run Afton, I have never done this race. I was either toasted from Grandma's and/or afraid of the heat.


See you all there on Saturday.


keith said...

You've certainly put in the time. You'll bang out a good run on Saturday, for sure.

Runnin-from-the-Law said...

Good luck Matt! Can't wait for the race report!

Carl Gammon said...

Maybe we can officially name that spot before the bridge as "Matt's Root".

SteveQ said...

I've been skipping the snowshoe loop in training (gotta save something for the race). I forgot all about that root until you mentioned it. I know it well.

See ya Saturday!

Andrew said...

What a machine......

Best wishes for a great race, wish I could be there.

I can taper but I hate is so much I don't really do it. I think the "taken it easy" approach for a week or so works well enough.

Wayne said...

Hey Matt, it's nice to hear you're pumped up for Sat. Have a great run! For what it's worth, after the killer warm up I'll be done. :)