Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Ultra Grand Slam

I case any of you fellow crazies did not see, there is a solution to the Ultra Grand Slam this year. To those non-ultra dudes and dudette's, the Grand Slam is finishing Western States 100, Vermont 100, Leadville 100, and Wasatch 100 all in the same year. These occur 3-4 apart from each other, which makes each race even more killer than the races themselves. Western States was canceled last week due to fires, so this created a void for the Slam

Like anything of this magnitude, I am sure this will be a year with debate over weather it was harder, easier, or if it really counts. To me, it is sad if it comes to that. 4 100 mile races in a 4 month period is amazing anyway you slice it. I hope it never comes up as an issue.

Another point of contention could be that Western States is one of the most difficult races to get into (aside from Barkely). One has to win a lottery, many times taking years to finally get in. So, slamming is even more rare due to this fact. I believe one could still get in all four of the races and slam this year if they signed up today, but the slam registration closed on the 25th of June. Regardless, this shall create an interesting twist.

Not that I would ever do this (could, or would want to), but it is interesting to watch it develop.

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