Wednesday, July 16, 2008

More low and slow

After all of that racing, dnf'ing, and recovering, it feels great to be back to low and slow (training at low hr). I think this is why I have always hit max burnout during the summer months.

Every time I have gone out not low and slow in the past month, I have had bad runs. I did 8 this morning (77 minutes, kind of slow) and 10 last night. I actually wore the hr monitor beacuse SOME PEOPLE could not believe I ran a low hr workout with out. (just kidding). Anyway,

10 miles
96 minutes
avg 138 hr

Best part, I was able to get up and run 8 miles 10 hours later.

So it will be a lot of long runs at this pace, some hill workouts, and a few tempo runs.

I might be running all night at Afton on Friday to get in 100k training. Not sure if I can pull this off yet. It should be interesting if I do. I don't know how I would fare on loop #4 out there.


Runnin-from-the-Law said...

Ok, so it looks like your pace was the same, or a bit faster even, with the HRM. Still, glad to see you are wearing it again!

SteveQ said...

I decided I wanted to get in one quality run before Voyageur and asked around to see what people were planning. 100K might be pushing it a bit, but I'll try to be there for you for some of it.