Sunday, June 29, 2008

Another good run at Afton

After a crappy week of running, and only one good run to show for it, I was able to have fun at Afton on Saturday again.

I decided on Afton over Adam's RTA due to the fact I wanted to run, and not go cliff scaling. I was also not interested in damaging any digits. Check it out and you will see what I mean.

I decided for the 6am start, and was only interested in one loop. The 50k is next week, so I guess it would make sense to leave a lot on the table for that.

Jeffrey, Alicia, and Joel showed up and we started out together. I saw Phillip's car in the parking lot, and figured he had arrived at 2am or so. Joel said he wanted to run all of the hills, as did I so we wished our partners farewell and went at it.

I was actually hoping for hot and muggy weather, but we got perfect conditions. I was still sore from Tuesday's run, so I figured running the hills would be enough punishment.

I did manage to see Phillip off in the distance. I whistled at him. I hope it got a laugh.

It was fun running with Joel. A fellow brother in Christ, a fellow home schooling family, but he is now studying for the BAR (insert lawyer joke here). Heck, I am a salesman, does not ge more bottom feeding than that!

We pounded every hill, but the meat grinder got to us.

The snowshoe loop grew another few inches of grass, so those shorter than about 5' 5" will not be able to see for short periods of time next week.

Heat acclimation is going okay, I guess. Not doing the "no air conditioning" thing. I guess I don't care that much.

If you want to see someone who tried to do it at the last minute, check this guy's report out. He decided to acclimate for Kettle Morraine..... the day before! It is also an interesting report from the guy who won it last year, and was 4 hours slower this year.

Guess I should go run now.

Brew on tap = Bavarian Heffeweizen - darn good!


phillip said...

Is there a Santa Claus for the 4th of July?

We'll find out July 5th as all weave their way back to the snowshoe section of the Afton ultra and 25km. The stretch of grass leading up to the #5 Aid station, manned by a very capable crew including Ms. Alicia and Jeffrey, was mowed on my Saturday morning tour.

Thinking maybe the mower had made it to snowshoe came quickly to a halt as only the runner's cut through the thick, tall grass was apparent.

And it was wet, you bet.

We'll see if Santa RD John Storkamp gives us that present . . . not a sigh, but a scythe.

Don't be surprised to race
au naturale' with grass up your, well, backside.

I would have enjoyed your whistle better if it had been of the
'wolf' variety :)

I do predict record times for both ultra classes, perhaps multiple finishes under the four hour bogey.

Phillip Gary Smith

keith said...

I hope they leave it unmowed. That section of the snowshoe loop is a blast! I saw your car in the parking lot, but I guess I never caught fast ol' you and fast ol' weekend I will, though!

davidultra49 said...

Nice blog brother. I left a comment on your Kettle race report. Keep trying man you'll get that finish yet.

SteveQ said...

I think Alicia and Jeffrey live on the Afton course. They're there every Saturday and Sunday I've been there.

I've been running midday, trying to acclimate, but it looks like Afton's going to be a lot cooler than last year.

The meatgrinder never seems to be a problem for me; I struggle with the unnamed hill between Nigel's and the campground.

phillip said...

Let SteveQ know that I have named the hill he references "Scott's Revenge" in the unedited article for Ultrarunning. So maybe it is not unnamed?

It is definitely hardcore,though, which no doubt pleases John Storkamp, but also is tough as nails kinda like Scott. Anyway, it's a good way of giving Scott credit as a retired RD of Afton.

Phillip Gary Smith