Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I am officially registered

Just registered for the Superior 100 miles race. No surprise, but I finally pulled the trigger.

I figure if I can get 2 more of those all night runs in, I am good to go. I will really feel confident if I can get the whole 100K at Afton done as a training run.

I will be in Kansas City all next week, and was hoping to get some Psycho Wyco in, but Bad Ben will be out of town. I guess I will have to cold call some runners to show me the trails.

I hope my co-workers will understand when I say "sorry, can't join you for dinner...... going to go run 2-3.............hours".

I hope to see my 96 year old grandma too.

Off to Iowa today..... ZZZZZZZ. Anybody know some trails in the West Des Moines area?


Runnin-from-the-Law said...

Glad you officially took the plunge!

Hope you find the excitement you are looking for in Iowa - good luck with that.

SteveQ said...

Allan Holtz is from Iowa; he might know where you can run (of course, he might suggest a mini-Barkley).

Glad you took the plunge with Superior. Now you have more incentive to finish that 100K at Afton.

Carl Gammon said...

Yipee, another victim, er... runner for Superior. What fun!?!

Anonymous said...

Hey Buddy. Yes I remember you. A run in K.C. would be good except you caught at a bad time in my rotation at work. I'm on midnights for the next two weeks. So while the rest of the slightly less than normal world is out taring up some gnarly single track trail I'm at home, asleep. Sorry. Good luck at Superior. I hear thats a tough one.