Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Fun in Kansas City

Another week on the road, another "sales blitz"

Lots of eating out, lots of junk food, and hopefully this time no late nights. I told the gang I am old, and I need to be in bed early. It is hard to tell them that I plan on running all night this Friday, and this is tough on beer and French fries.

I really wanted to hook up with the KC trail nerds, but schedules did not permit. Bad Ben is out at the Oregon beer fest, and Rockstar is working nights this week. Caleb Chattfield was organizing a run last night, but was not done with work in time. I did get to go to the inner field of the Kansas Speedway (Nascar). I have a picture of it somewhere. That is the only time you will see me close to anything NASCAR.

Got to run 10 miles this evening in heat on paved trails. How can they call it a trail when it is paved? Nice and hot. 9 minute miles. No need for speed.

Oh well.

Ate great BBQ for lunch at a local dive. Yum.

Getting ready for Friday nights run. It will be a blast.


Helen said...

Say a prayer for me - I so want to be there Friday night but foot is not looking like it wants to run any time soon...!! Eat up - you'll need the calories for 100K :)

Delane said...

KC...I gained 20 lbs in 7 months working there many moons ago. I did a lot of eating and not much running.

Jack Stacks is the bomb. And Garozos artichokes are 2-die-4!

keith said...

well if you aren't still sleeping, come out to cheer on the runners at the Ultra Festival on Calhoun.

And maybe bring me out a doggy bag of KC bbq...and a Dale Earnhardt tee shirt. Not a NASCAR fan...UNAMERICAN!