Sunday, July 13, 2008

"Contro/Alt/Delete" run

Spent two hours out at Afton yesterday, and after the hour, I had to do reboot. I woke up bloated and crabby, and just did not pull it all together. The ankle swelling was almost gone, so I think I was just blah.

My intention was to do some hill work. I decided to head to the ski hill, and found more fun running the single track mountain bike loop. Damm, that is a gnarly loop. There is a good mix of hills, single track and tree dodging. One comedian even painted a bulls eye on a tree, as I am sure many have hit it. After an hour of that, though I just was spent.

I headed back to the parking lot (I started a 5am, hoping to see 6 am runners). Other than passing Jim Stocco and friend on the trail, nobody was in the parking lot. I took an easy try at the snowshoe loop, and felt much better, but was spent again when I returned to the lot. I saw Bill's truck, but was not too game on trying to chase him down.

After waiting for a few to arrive (7am) and nobody showing up, I came up with many reasons to go home. Top reason, I was sore and just not putting together a good run. So I wussed out and went home.

Saw Keith on the way out as he was coming in. After reading his recap on the day, I made the right call. I would not have kept with you on a loop dude.

So I decided to go home and go back to sleep.


SteveQ said...

Next time you plan on going out there, let me know - I could use the company. I'm currently running 9 min/mile on flat ground, though.

keith said...

I run 9+ minute miles all the damn time. Ain't no thang.

Some days are diamonds.