Sunday, July 27, 2008

Next Afton fat ass run

My next attempt at this 100k thing at Afton will be this Friday, August 1st.

Again, I will attempt a 100k, but will see how things pan out. Any of you who are interested in joining me for some or all of it, I plan on starting at 4pm.

I am gone all week in Kansas City this week, and hopefully will not be trashed by a week of travel. I am also hoping to get a run in with the Nerds one night in KC.

I will most likely do this run on the 1st, and another two weeks later. This will put me three weeks to go for Superior with 3 night runs.


MN Ultra Runner said...

I hope to be at the final night run in three weeks...have fun!

keith said...

You could always do the 100K Twin Cities Ultra Festival...It's not a night run or a trail run, but all the cool kids are doing it.

Matthew Patten said...

cut off time is 9 hours. I am not that fast>

I need the hills and night running.

Good luck making 100k cutoff time

SteveQ said...

See you there!

Helen said...

Hope to see you Friday night Matt! I think the my foot should be ok by then. But I don't think I'll start until later, maybe 8-9pm. Be great if you can leave note on your car etc and let us know which direction you're headed. Hoping Kami will join me also... we'll bring the coffee this time - and our sense of humour :)