Thursday, July 3, 2008

Profile Change

What's that? My real name?

When I first started blogging years ago (on a home brew forum), I was paranoid to put my real name. (or, my wife was). That is why I came up with runner brewer, for the brew forum. It fits better here.

But now I shall keep it as an alias. I can't call it a nickname, because a nickname can only be given to one by others. I was always annoyed by people who came up with their own nicknames. That is not how the world works. Here are some of my past nicknames.

M (Everybody called me that for years out west)
Hupp (my middle name)
The Huppster
Pat Matten
Tuba boy
Starbucks guy

I have mostly lost the Starbucks nickname, but all of the customers I called on in my territory years ago still know me as that. It is really funny when I am with a Coca Cola rep, and somebody sees me and says "hey, the Starbucks guy".

Just don't call me late for dinner


keith said...

Looks like someone needs a new nickname.

Maybe you should have a contest.

The Huppinator, makin' cop-ieees...
Hupperware (tm)
Hula Hupp
Huppty Duppty

Ok, I'm reachin'. That's all I got.
I'll probably just still call you Matt.

Runnin-from-the-Law said...

Good luck this weekend Matt!