Monday, June 2, 2008

The competition and more preparation

Every so often I look at who is signed up for the races I am running in. This is only possible in ultras, as they post "who's registered" in most races.

The list on this weekend's race is looking big, check it out here.

The defending champ, Mark Tanaka (16:28), will be there duking it out with Joe Kulak (2nd place last year 16:59). Greg Loomis, a seasoned 100 miler will be there after posting an 8:15 there at 50 Mile a few weeks back. Ron Bero will be back, he took 5th last year under 20 hours. Christine Crawford's name is not on the list, but I but she will be there (she won last year). There are many other names I recognize, and it will be interesting how many fast runs there will be.

Brent Bjerkness will be there, and will probably kick my butt. Jim Wilson will be back for revenge on the course. I plan to run my own race, so I don't know how much (if at all) I will run with either of them. Sorry guys.

The forecast looks like 80 and sunny. 65 for the low. I just hope the sun does not beat down on me. I might pick up and extra white shirt this week.

So far my strategy for fuel looks like this.
1 Cliff bar or similar every 2-3 hours (250 calories)
1 20oz bottle of Succeed every 2-3 hours (150 calories)
couple of servings of hammer gel every 2-3 hours
aid station food to finish out the following

Every 3 hours
700-750 calories. I will mix up these combinations so as not to get sick of any one thing (which will happen regardless).
1 s-cap every hour and see how that works. Maybe up it to every 45 minutes. I really don't want to be popping them every half hour, but if it is really hot, I might for a few hours.

I plan on printing out an aid station strategy and laminating it. This way I can do the thinking beforehand, and just hand it to a worker. This will be a flexible plan.

Drop bags will have way too much in them, but that is good piece of mind. More on that later.

I am starting to get my mind around this one. Should be fun. My wife keeps telling people I am doing this. I don't. You readers are the only people I have told (and the MN Dead Runners).

More to come.


Anonymous said...

Your wife just wants to make sure she's not the only one who thinks you are "out of your mind" running a 100 mile race. She loves you very, very much and just wants to make sure you're sane, and know what you're doing! She doesn't want you to get "lost on the trail" and end up running around on trails for the rest of your life!! I'm sure you'll be fine, sweetie! The boys and I love you tons!
Best wishes now and in all your future endeavors! ;0)

brent said...

Your plan looks solid Matt. All you can do is run your own race...I'm in the same boat, it's called "survival after 75". It would be cool to find each other on the trail as the sun goes down, but either way we are prepared for anything...right?! This is going to be fun.

keith said...


I still get a kick out of picturing you with your "aid station plan" pinned to your shirt.


Seeing as you are a blogger on my blog roll, I'm personally taking the time to inform you that

Keith-In-Training has a new address!

Please visit:

Make sure to update any feed reader subscriptions, as well by clicking the "subscribe" links as well!

You can delete this after you have updated your feed reader and/or bookmarks. I just didn't have your email.

Thanks & Happy Trails!


Mark Tanaka (Ultrailnakaman) said...

Matt, thanks for your comment. Always good to do rather than talk (once you do, talk all you want, although my wife gets bored really fast now...) Right mindset. Stay flexible with the plan. Good luck / have fun / see you out there!

BTW, Zach Gingerich looks pretty fast too.

Carl Gammon said...

Remember to be conservative in the beginning, and you'll do great. I found the following quote as someone's email tag line on the big ultra list:

"Run in such a manner now, that you'll be able to still be running 4 hours from now."

I think that applies to hour one, hour ten, or hour twenty. Try to keep something in the tank for later.

I'm looking forward to everyone sharing race stories next week.