Saturday, June 7, 2008

Kettle Moraine 100

DNF at 50k.

My body would not take on water anymore due to dehydration. It was 85 degrees at the time and close to 70 dewpoint. Tropical. I never do well in those conditions.

A report will come after I pull myself out of the black hole I am currently in.


Bryan said...


You fought the good fight, and you will be back.

I know what you're saying about the steamy jungle; it was like running while trying to breathe underwater today.

Runnin-from-the-Law said...

Sorry to hear that Matt, I'm sure you are disappointed. There will be others, under better conditions, that you will finish.

Kel said...

Recover well Matt. I had a hard time with feeling overheated in humid conditions yesterday too (and I only went 10 miles). It's been such a cool spring that none of us in the north woods are acclimated to heat/humidity yet.

Superior is less than 3 months away - will certainly be cooler weather :)

Todd said...

Bummer Matt. I don't do well in those conditions either. I hope your recovery goes well.

Wayne said...

Sorry man.

You went for it.

You will be back.

(That's my best Matt impersonation)

Anonymous said...

No worries mate! There are others comming up. I went through 120 oz of liquid on Sat doing 23 miles on the Trail Mix course. It sucked! You had it much worse.

Pete Anderson