Wednesday, June 4, 2008

72 hours and counting

It still has not hit me, but I think it will soon.

I feel like it is the calm before the storm.

Plans are coming together. After analysis of all of the aid stations and drop bags, I realized that the drop bags are all basically 25k apart. So this race can be broken up into 25k and 50 segments. This fits perfectly to my 3 hour fueling game plan, as 3 hour 25k fits my pace. I know I can do Afton 50k at an easy pace in 6 hours, and that is a harder course. BUT, I still plan to be flexible, so I am giving myself 13 hours or so for the first 100k. It will be tricky as the 100k's and 100 milers start at the same time.

I think I have the fuel and drop bags figured out. I only need 4 (including start/finish bag).

I am a little concerned about potential high temp being 80-85 degrees. BUT, I will be running slower, so hopefully it will be easier to manage.

I bought a handheld flashlight yesterday to use in tandem with my headlamp. Not sure if I will need it, but good peace of mind (piece of mind for you Maiden fans).

I will not print out aid station cards, as I have a real simple plan.
*each drop bag - pick up a cliff bar, pre set baggie of s-caps, and hammer flask.
*I just need to figure out how to nail down drinking to bottles of Succeed each 25k. It is easy to drink more than that. I will have one bottle of water, and one of Succeed. I just don't want to leave aid stations with half filled bottles, so I might have to figure out a strategy (drink succeed first, then water, refill succeed, drink last). That made sense to me.

The plan is to run the race in around 24 hours. Around is the key word. we will just have to see what happens.


Wayne said...

Enjoy the ride, Matt. I'm sure you'll do great and am looking forward to hearing all about it.

SteveQ said...

One of the mistakes I made in my first attempt was overplanning the food and hydration. Be sure to set things up so you can change them midrace, if you have to. If you're planning 24 hours, I have to run 100 in 22 to finish ahead of you at FANS.

Piece of cake.

Kel said...

Good luck Matt! Are you still planning on doing the 100 at Superior too?

Steve G has an Excel spreadsheet on his blog for planning aid stations that you may find useful.

keith said...

Geez. I think I'm more nervous for you than you are.

Good luck, Matt!

phillip said...

Larry Pederson told me a story of a stout local trail runner who laid down in the truck bed at the end of the 100km and said something on the order of "That's it, I'm done."

His friends, including Larry, rhetorically kicked his behind out of there to get back out and finish that last loop for the 100 mile medallion.

It's my understanding that trip out to finish the 100 mile at the 100 km split is one of those mental challenges that, if known before hand, can perhaps help in overcoming it at the time. It can be tough, though. Prepare for it.

The runner I referred to finished the 100 mile. You have any trouble at that spot, pretend you're asking permission of Larry, Donny Clark, or worse, Steve Quick, to stop. You know their answer . . . . Steve's, though, would be wrapped around some of those aliens he posted about. Enough to scare you back out there . . . .

I'm confident you will finish, too. Particularly since it is not as 'tricky' as you described the Superior Mountain 50km.

Phillip Gary Smith

Anonymous said...

Good Luck Matt!!! You will do great!!!