Friday, June 20, 2008

Good luck to all of the Grandma's runners

This weekend is the real start of summer (Grandma's Marathon). Best of luck to all of you who are going, for those of you who it will be their first marathon, and for those for it will be a gage in where they are performance wise.

And, for that guy (who will remain nameless) who was going to run to the start, effectively running it twice. He chickened out, what a wimp. He claims he is sore after running 75 miles in 12 hours two weeks ago, but I don't buy that!

I look forward to all of the race reports. I will not be there. I might hit afton.

Tough week for me. Missed three days in a row. These sales blitzs are torture on conditioning. I did get good Chicago Pizza, great beer from ale houses, and topped it off yesterday with a hot fudge sundae from the Ghiradelli Ice Cream shop.

I need some warm weather for heat acclimation!

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