Saturday, June 14, 2008

Re-grouping, analysis, and moving forward

It has been one week since the DNF, and I feel okay. I did not have much recovering to do because I dropped before I had a chance to do much damage.

I decided to do some research on heat acclimation, hydration and dehydration in those conditions, and signs of danger to come.

This is more for me to truly understand what went wrong, where, and why. Maybe what I learn will help some others.

I emailed Karl King with some detailed questions, and hope he is kind enough to respond. He has in the past.

I am trying to avoid the "this is what works for me" syndrome, as everybody has different physiology.

I might be a volunteer at Afton instead of racing, and am pretty sure I will not run Voyageur 50. I told my wife I would not run any more hot races right after I dropped on Saturday. I should learn to shut my big mouth.

I violated ultra running rule #2. Never make any decisions about races withing 48 hours of the end (or dnf). Rule #1 is no whining.

This week I was at the Water Park of America walking the property with the Food & Beverage Manager. They keep the water park at 90 degrees so the guests won't get cold when they sre going in and out of the water. Needless to say, it was very muggy as well. I thought "I wonder if he would let me roll a treadmill in here on the upper deck?" This would be an ideal place for heat acclimation.

This also reminded me of stories I have read about people training for Badwater. They wear ski parkas and winter hats and go run in the summer heat. That would look odd if I saw it on the street.


keith said...

I also stay well away from air conditioners and malls before a hot race.

I hope to see you at afton in any capicity you decide to show up!

Runnin-from-the-Law said...

I've been wondering how you are doing this week. Post what you find out about the hydration issues - it would be interesting to read.