Monday, June 23, 2008

Full blown burnout

It happens every year around this time. Spring is over, all of the big spring races are over, and I don't want to run anymore.

Must get to Afton.

Missed Afton on Saturday. I was dead when I got home Friday night. Boy #3 broke his ankle last week and I was out of town. I thought I would be a dad/husband this weekend.

Must get to Afton.

Looks like tomorrow evening after work, I will be at Afton. I hope to get a long run in.

Looks like Afton 50k is a go for me. Don't expect anything spectacular.


keith said...

i was trying to avoid the burnout syndrome myself...which is why i haven't 'raced' since superior. now i'm just getting more and more excited for afton.

afton will be a fun race for you. get yourself squared away and we'll see you there!

SteveQ said...

Your son's broken ankle hurts me worse than my own did. Hope to see you at Afton!

phillip said...

You said:
"Don't expect anything spectacular."

Classic sand bagging!
You'll feel great as soon as you realize it isn't hot like that 'other place,' then you'll take off, zoom, zoom, zoom.

I'm predicting a comfortable high of 80, some breeze, no clouds. With my record of predictions I can assure you it will be anything but the above. In case I'm right, though, plan on going fast.

Phillip Gary Smith