Monday, February 1, 2010

And they are off

The Arrowhead Ultra just got under way.

I finally took the time to look at the registered runners and did not realize there is another fast one gaming for Storkamp's course record.

Zach Gingerich.

I would love to see the cartoon bubble above John's head right now. It is probably something like this "No way I am going to let this kid take my CR. I don't care if he ran Badwater in 26 hours."

This shall be a fun one to watch.


nwgdc said...

I thought the same thing you did...after your last post I checked the entry list, and when I saw Zach's name, I thought, "this is gonna be good."
Then I checked his Badwater results and COULD NOT BELIEVE it was 26 hours.
In the interview after he finished he almost seemed he planned on going much faster.

Helen said...

Makes for a good competition...

nwgdc said...

Helen MAY lap me at Psycho. Then again...I may just stop after 2 laps.