Tuesday, February 16, 2010

This better work

....I mean, these workouts better pay off because I am getting my rear end handed to me.

On the road this week, decided after my last appt. of the day to stop by a Crossfit affiliate gym. Small fee, they let me work out and use their stuff. Herb, the owner, even gave me some coaching. Great guy, and took the time to show me where I was cheating. He also brought weights over to me during the sets so I wouldn't have any down time. Uhhh... ouch.

The Crossfit community, I am learning, is a different breed. Not like you would think, though. The founder isn't trying to get rich off of it, and is not trying to make it "big" in the traditional capitalists sense. He just wants a strong group of affiliates producing "fit as shit" athletes. They are not trying to convince people of their way, they are trying to challenge you to a new level.

So my experience today was pretty cool. It can be initimidating to walk into a gym which looks like it should be ground zero for mixed martial arts training. People just tyring to get fit.

I wanted to do what looked like to be a killer workout. I decided for the "pack" level, and scaled it down even more in a few areas. (I can't do muscle ups, and my squat cleans need some work).

Here it is
75 pound squat clean - 10 reps
20 toes to bar (hang on a pull up bar and swing your feet up so your toes touch it)
20 box jumps (24 inches)
10 mucsle ups (ended up with rings at about 5.5 feet and did jumping muscle ups)
25 lb dumbell push press (one in each hand)
20 double unders (I was thinking of you, Andrew)
95 pound thrusters - 10 reps
20 pull ups
20 burpees - almost turned into pukies
200' walking lunges with 25lb plate overhead

Time - about 27 miuntes.

About halfway throuh, I started thinking "what I am doing?" and "This better work". 100 miles is a long way. So was this one.

I am still supposed to do a running workout tonight. I might put it off until tomorrow.


Great job to Dr. Nic at Run Toto Run. I lost my life's savings on that one.

Brian P. keeps raising the bar with his performances, 3rd place overall.

Of course, Helen and Val getting 1st and 2nd respectively.

Looks like everybody is upping the ante.


And in case you didn't know, I have another challenge with Adam, "Mr. Primal".

I have to run faster in a 2k than he can row on a concept 2 rower.

I think I have to beat 6:41. I think I have it in the bag, but we will see. I am going to try and do it on Saturday.


And my warm weather Sunday running buddy will be competing in the World Masters Indoor Track Championships in 2 weeks. He will be doing the 800M and 1500M in the 60-65 age class. Representing Team USA! Hopefully I didn't slow him down.


nwgdc said...

Thanks for the congrats!
I need to put some time in on this crossfit stuff. 27 minutes, and you were in that kind of pain? "Pukies?"
That's good time management.
I'll be at Ice Age...most likely runnin the event with the "K" and not the "Mile"

SteveQ said...

I see Thom Weddle will be at the championships. I thought he retired a long, long time ago.

He might say the same about me.

Julie said...

Hi there, I just read Psych's blog post today and she mentioned that you are from Minnesota too! Wow, and from the North Metro!! So I had to come over to your blog and check it out:) Maybe we will run a few of the same races!! Anyway it was nice to meet your blog:) I hope that you have a great weekend!!