Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The next big race

As the Arrowhead progresses on, another race looms on the horizon.

Kevin Grabowsky "The Big Grabowsky", or Mr. Grabassky is headed off to the Rocky Raccoon 100 this weekend.

I caught this photo of him a few weeks ago, and had my camera set to the "capture thoughts mode" I tried putting the angel and devil on each shoulder, but the clip art sites are really annoying.

I just now looked at the list to see if there will be a WI/MN border battle, and there sure is!

My friend Karen is signed up, but not sure if she is running or not. And Hendrie Grant, who I have met a few times, is on the list.

Hendrie was not a happy camper towards the end of Afton 50k 2 years ago. I learned some new words.

Good luck 'sotans. Beat the sconnies.

And there sure a lot of Sconnies signed up.

I will be watching. The "Grabowsky Era" might return.


Helen said...

That's a great photo!!

Interested to see what everyone thinks of Rocky - nice trip out of MN in Feb. To be considered for 2011...

brothergrub said...

Amazing how lame Rocky 100 seems after following Arrowhead for the last couple of days... Hard to complain about being under trained now when I will have moderate temps and a mere 100 miles in front of me...