Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Adam Wins

I could not maintain the pace after 1k, and came in 2k at 7:03. A far shot from 6:40.

First 5 laps (200 meter track) I was tracking 38-42 seconds. Came in the mile at 5:36 and sucked wind for the last 200 meters.

It was fun. My buddy Jim Sheehan was there doing one of his final workouts before next weeks big events, and his buddy Bod (former Moundview HS coach) was there timing us. Many of you probably know him.

It was a good time, and good to get a real scenario trail on a measured course. Have not done track work in A LONG time.

I am thinking of going back to Irish for a day 10 Miler as a benchmark from last year (yes, Steve, I was already thinking it).

A full response to all of the skeptics tonight or tomorrow.

I was actually under the impression that only 3-4 people even read this darn thing anymore. Thanks for everybody's "concerns".

Oh yeah...... those of you comparing me to Adam at Superior last year failed to mention that I dropped out of the race too. Does that mean my high mileage training was flawed? Ahhh.... gas on the fire


nwgdc said...

Wow--I can't believe I missed all the banter on your last post!
I guess I'd side with Adam. In the Book "Born to Run" the author states that the Tarahumara aren't great runners. They're great ATHLETES who run. Similar vein as AH's thinking, I'm guessing.
But then again, all this lack of training makes me want to run the 50 miler at Ice Age and destroy you.

But I'd train for it by running.

Andrew said...

nice mile time, I'm not sure I could have run 200m at that pace.

I was thinking Adam was still "converting" or is that "reverting" into his current primal self at the time of superior 100. Meaning not long enough on the dark side to really compare the two methods. I think you will be at the same crossroads for Zumbro??? I will have to concur that the training which makes you the "happiest" will work the best - assuming your goals will adjust as well. My $0.02