Sunday, February 21, 2010

Small Milestones and The Really Important Stuff

First the Small Milestone.

After getting beat to a pulp in the CF gym last week, my runs suffered. I was supposed to do a 10 mile Time Trial mid week. 3.5 miles into it, I was just not into it. Did four, and was dizzy. Mild panic set in. Here I am thinking "100 Miles is a lot longer than four". It was only a day after the killer workout, and a couple of long days on the road (I was also in a crappy hotel fitness room).

Took the next day off.

Did a crappy sprint interval workout on Friday.

Got my butt "tabatad" yesterday with my wife calling out the times. That was.... fun.

Had to do 20 Min Time Trial today. I was sore from the Sumo Deads and squats, but it's all mental, right?

Was able to pull off 3.21 miles in 20 minutes. This was supposed to be "As much distance as you can cover" in that time, but I left some on the table.. A lot actually. I was afraid of a serious bonk, and needed some self esteem.

Could have banged out an 18 something 5k no problem. Yes, it is treadmill, but not in race enviro. Maybe I should do one of those evil 5ks.

So I call that a good workout.

The really important stuff.


I put together a Sweet Stout, highlighted with Cocoa and fermented with coffee. I made one last week, and upped the ante on the batch today.

Pulled off a SG of 1.069! That means around a 6.8% ABV kids.

Active krausen in less than an hour!

77% mash efficiency.

How about that, Steve?


Runnin-From-The-Law said...

You still owe me a 6 pack of home brew.

wildknits said...

The home brew sounds very, very interesting. I am a fan of stouts (as well as porters and brown ales). Was reading off the stats to the brewer at my house... ;->

Julie said...

Wow, you are training for a 100 mile trail run!! You ultra guys and gals awe and amaze me!! Good job on you workouts:) I think that it is great that you wife helps you out with your training!!

You are the second blogger that I know that brews their own beer:) My blogger friend Jon from New York also likes to make his own beer!!

Anonymous said...


Get some freakin' mileage in. It's 11 weeks to Ice Age. You HAVE to train the aerobic engine. You can't do it on good looks and a secret recipe the way BrotherGrub does it. When I was a child, I trained like a child. Now that I'm a man I put childish things away. Maybe I need to call for an INTERVENTION. To run well, you need to run enough to get near your max running zone and then add cross training. This is the TOUGH LOVE part of the sport. As you know in ultras, you have to MASTER THE TIME CONTINUUM. This is done by hours on feet a week. I hope you PROVE me wrong. Ground control to Major Tom, "Get busy running."


Helen said...

11 weeks to Ice Age? How about 7 weeks til Zumbro. Yes Matt, a 100 miles is a lot longer than 4. I expect we'll be seeing ya at Lebanon next weekend. Or I guess you can try to run 100 miles on high strength/low mileage training. Didn't someone already try that??

Sorry Adam... you have clearly found your calling with the rowing :)

Helen said...

P.S. Chocolatey beer??? DEFINITELY meet you for a run next weekend...

Steve said...

I agree with the masses here, Matt. You're one tough SOB, but the CF ain't gonna cut it at Zumbro. I'd better see your ass out at Lebanon Hills next weekend.

Matthew Patten said...

I will dedicate a post to respond to this hostility.

.....Dehart.... Wasn't it you that skipped the 1.5-2 hour run in fresh snow 2 weeks ago and only showed up for the beer?

Go sell some paint

Anonymous said...

The beer sounds great.
A rest/recovery should be a part of traiing, I would hate to see you burn out. Or have to run another 12 miles to prove you can't run anymore. Unless the first aid station has crew access.....Up to 2hours for my long run Sat........Stew

Psyche said...

Agree with the "masses" here about your mileage, but hope it's just a matter of not seeing the whole picture...? You did mention a couple of long days on the road, afterall. Really looking forward to following your trainiong and racing in ultra distances, as I am eventually movin on up myself.

SG 1.069-a little overdone maybe? (ABV s/b 4-6%...?) Yields a FG of 1.018, tho... Perfection!

Would like to compliment you on your yeast viability, but it just sounds dirty:)

SteveQ said...

If you're making a mocha sweet stout, I hope you're using Scharffen Berger or Ghirardelli and not dumping in Swiss Miss! My cider's OG was 1.130; using Wyeast Eau de Vie, so it should ferment dry.

You ran a fantastic time at the Irish for a Day 10 Mile last year as a warm-up; I suggest trying to repeat there to find out what kind of shape you're in!

brothergrub said...

I'm not doing Cross- Fit or running any miles... great plan... worked well at RR100... for 75 miles....

Bill Pomerenke said...

Now these are the kind of posts that I love to see! Hostility AND banter. The only thing missing is some sort of wager between Mr. Quick and the author. Here is an idea...if Steve loses, he posts a work resume for the past thirty years on this blog and if Mr. Patten loses...he must clean Mr. Quick's house.

RichardC said...

LOL, still laughing at Helens attack on Adam and his 12 mile long runs pre Sawtooth :)

The beer sounds good!

Anonymous said...

The cocoa part of the beer sounds fine. Although I hate beer,love chocolate. I know, I know, how can a Sconie say they don't like beer.

I have to say I am on the side of those concerned with your mileage or lack of leading to the 100.
I think cross training has a place, but you gotta practice running long to run long.
Not sure who Dehart is, but I agree with the continuum deal, but then I haven't run over 50 miles yet.

Karen S

Matthew Patten said...


Being a fellow Sconnie, you should know the legend of Dehart.

He is really just a paint salesman

Anonymous said...

Okay, now this is fun. The bottom line is train in the way that makes you most happy. If you like running 80 mpw then do it. If not, do something else that keeps you cranking each day.

Richard, I still remember the look on your face when I told you my long runs were about 12 miles:)

And I feel obligated to add that my 12 mile long runs brought me through 62 miles at Superior feeling wonderful in every way except my toes and feet. The toes were going to be sore no matter what I wore, but the soles of my feet were a function of the 295's being a more minimalist shoe. My fault on that one, should have known better. Althouth Joe Z. crushed the entire 100 in the same shoes with no issues, so who knows. All I know is my running legs were still very strong at 62 and the lack of carbs in my diet didn't slow me in the least.

Matt, you're built better for rowing anyway (and will continue to become more so with your current regimen) so come on over to the dark side:)


Anonymous said...

Ohhhhhh...he's also known as Double on the Hillrunner site! D'uh.


Anonymous said...

I also have a theory on skipping runs in the snow. Also, I ran before coming out...probably equal to your weekly mileage.

Paint Salesman

SteveQ said...

Just started reading the old comments. Bill slammed me twice! And I cleaned before you guys saw my house (you should've seen it before!)

Matt said...

Hey, I notice you visited the hotel gym. Would you mind writing a review at Even crappy ones are good to have