Friday, August 15, 2008

You might be an ultra runner if........

You ditch work early and go to Afton State Park to run.... a long time
you run for 9 hours (34) miles...........
fell like you are going to puke......
and go back to the parking lot to let things settle....
and get on the computer to blog!!!!

wireless cards are cool. huh huh huh.

Zach and Bill are still out there. Helen and Val are out there. I am listening to the mountain bikers ride all out. (can hear them from here.

still have not figured out this water thing. I decided to start at 1230 since I could. I decided to drink MORE water than usual, as I did not the last 2 times. It still did not help. 20 ounces every 30-40 minutes, and I still went 6 hours with no pee. not good.

at 2 pm it was SRM 5(that's for you Steve)

probably done for the night.

looks like i will be going REALLY SLOW at Superior.


SteveQ said...

You might have chronic dehydration. Try loading with lots of water, salt and carbs for days before a long run. Of course, with 3 weeks to go, experimenting might not be a great idea.

You can finish the 100K at the RTA tonight with me and Adam!

Ultrathoner said...

You might be an ultrarunner if....funny and true!

I agree that six hours and no pee could be a sign of dehydration.

Best of luck at Superior. Slow is good if it gets you to the finish line before cut off. Slow is definitely better than DNF. There will always be future ultras to try faster.

I am eagerly looking forward to my first attempt at 100 miles six days from now.

Good luck!

phillip said...

I would ask Allan Holtz if I were you.

Otherwise, I would make sure I was taking in the electrolytes necessary. Hammer Nutrition has articles on their website which provides that number, plus calories and oz of fluids.

Then you expand their numbers because they are based on the thin elite versus the stouter elite like you . . . .

Phillip Gary Smith
(get your quote ready for the Sawtooth after the event!)

Runnin-from-the-Law said...

34 miles is a long way. I'm impressed.