Friday, August 22, 2008

A request to all of you

2 weeks from today is THE BIG RACE.

Some minor changes in family plans have left me solo for the weekend, which means no family crew. This might work out better for me, as I don't have to worry about getting to an aid station by a certain pre determined time.

I also have no pacer, which I am fine with. But, after reading Allan Hotz's race report from Leadville 100 (the only of 12 Minnesotan's to finish it last weekend), one sentence rings loud. "You have to really want to finish" to get through the hard parts. I am paraphrasing, but that is the essence.

I have no crew, I have no pacer. But, I have all of you. Yes, this sounds cheesy, but one of the reasons I have consistently run all year this year is knowing people are checking up on me.

So here is my thought. Send me an email. Say whatever you want, but give me something to work with to get through the night. I am not worried about the first 50, just the second. I have no idea how many people read this blog, but for those of you I don't personally know, tell me why you read it. If you are not a runner, send one anyway. Feel free to give me some trash talking, or words of encouragement. Give me anything that might get me through the night.

I am going to print these out, stick them in my backpack, and have them with me the second half of the race. If I get to the point where I can't go any more, I will pull some out and read them. For me, it is harder to let other people down than to let myself down. So if others have high expectations of me, that actually helps a lot.

Instead of posting my email right here (I don't want internet sniffing programs sending me millions of emails) go to "view my complete profile" and under "contact" click the email link.

Don't worry if I don't know you, I welcome any email, from any level of runner (or non runner).

I know this is somewhat self promoting and narcassistic, but I know it will help.


Tomorrow is going to be my last long run at Afton. I plan on 20 - 30. I am going to run it faster than usual just to get my confidence back. Last year I ran the 50k as a training run in 6hrs, and had a great 50 mile race two weeks later. I know if I do at least 20 at that pace or faster, I will fell much more confident.

Not sure if I want to throw 50K out two weeks before this race, but all of my good races have come with 2 week tapers, not 3.

I am in sweet home Chicago next week, and get to run on my "home turf" on the lakefront. Can't wait to have a night run coming south on LSD toward the skyline. One of the more spectacular runs out there.

Big sale at REI this weekend. I might actually pick up a camelback and use it on my run tomorrow.

Happy trails.


keith said...

"Can't wait to have a night run coming south on LSD toward the skyline."

Yeah, depending on who you get the LSD from there should be some pretty good visual hallucinations there.


Dude. You know I'll be pulling for you. I might even see you by the time we gear up to start the marathon. Or how about this? If I don't see you (read: you dropped) I'm going to eat all your chili at the finish.

SteveQ said...

How about if I leave you notes in your drop bags? If you're ahead of me, you can do the same.

Londell said...

I had a crew and no pacer but what really helped was to hook up with a group in the night... That was the best!