Thursday, August 14, 2008

Final Afton Fat Ass all nighter

Another sales blitz in the can, and another wiped out me. Luckily, I avoided the late nights and the host city entertaining. might be an ultra runner if you opt out of the fun stuff because you know it will effect your training...

So, for those of you joining the all night fun tomrrow, here is the plan.

Start time 4pm.
1st loop - 3.5 hours
start second loop between 7:30 and 8pm.
the rest.....well.... look for the not in the back window of the 4 door white volvo parked in the visitors center parking lot.

no predictions.

I get to sleep in tomorrow.

For those of you coming, bring $1-$2 to pitch in for having to have a campsite to do this.

I am now off for an easy 6 miler.


Karen G said...

Good Luck Matt!!!
I wish I could come out but I am going up north with my grandson so have fun!!!
Karen G

Runnin-from-the-Law said... might be an ultra runner if you opt out of the fun stuff because you know it will effect your training...

So if I'm watching my husband drink beers while I drink water because I'm doing my 20 miler at 4:30 tomorrow morning, does that mean I'm an ultra runner and don't even know it?

Have fun tomorrow night.

Delane said...

Good Luck

all I can think is one mans torture is anothers pleasure.

100 miles just amazes me!

Helen said...

Matt - I'll see you out there at 7:30pm if not for the first loop.

Lookiong forward to it!


SteveQ said...

Good luck out there, Matt! I'll be running a 10K Saturday morning and probably will join Adam at the RTA Saturday night.

Kel said...

I'm saving Afton for Sunday - lots of hill repeats.

Please save a few blackberries for me ;)

Wayne said...

will be lots of activity in that area tonight...
Salsa is proud to sponsor the Salsa Two-Four. The Two-Four is a 24-hour mtb race with plenty of other fun activities thrown in for spectators, support staff, and racers alike. Proceeds from this event go to Minnesota’s mountain bike advocacy group, MORC. So come have some fun. Cheer on some riders. And support Minnesota mountain biking.

Check out the details at

And then head out to the event:

5pm Friday, August 15th till 5pm Saturday, August 16th at Afton Alps Ski Area near Afton, Minnesota