Wednesday, August 6, 2008

It must be the shoes

After a slow, painful run at Afton on Friday, I figured my shoes were near done.

I milked these suckers long. I have been alternating the same 2 pair since early April. I was still running on the pair I ran Chippewa, Ice Age, Superior, the little Kettle 50k. I rotated a second pair in their after Superior, and those 2 have been carrying me.

Being the cheapskate, I realized I had a pair of road shoes I barely wore from last year. They did not feel right early season, so I stuck with trail shoes.

They feel great now. Light and cushion. I feel like a new man. This type of shoe gave me big problems a few years back, so I will only use these intermittently.

Adam reminded me that Superior is 4 weeks from Friday. oh man.

Guess it is time to start training. Another round of "all night at Afton" will take place a week from Friday. Sounds crazy, but a great way to get a lot of "time" running in without killing the weekend.

Soon I will start laying out the details for the big one. I can't get my mind around the splits. It is hard to imagine taking 14 hours to run the first 50 miles. I never thought I would say such an absurd thing.

Well, no big training this weekend.


MN Ultra Runner said...

As usual a wrench has been thrown in my plans. No night run Friday for me, I'll have to do it Saturday night. When we hung up the phone I had a voicemail telling me I was busy that night. Four weeks baby! Can't come soon enough.

SteveQ said...

I can't figure out splits either. I'm thinking I have to use two sets of paces, one for the night walk.

Carl Gammon said...

Yeah, I know I have to go slow in that first 50, so my big worry right now is how to make myself slow down. That's not a problem I'm used to dealing with. :-)

keith said...

I wouldn't be doing much the rest of the weekend if I ran all of Friday night. You guys are ultra in more ways than one.