Saturday, August 23, 2008

Final long training run

Adam asked me if I was in better shape than last year recently. I answered "I don't know" as much of my long runs turned out to be difficult late day, warm weather, and night runs. They were all more challenging than I expected. I needed a run that I could feel good about and could measure against.

Based on the awesome forecast for this morning, Afton would be it. I considered running the full 50k, but also did not want to over do it two weeks out.

I started at 5:30am, and went out relaxed, but good intensity. First lap was 2:32, and I was not even tired. Sweet! I decided to do a second lap.

Once I hit a total of 28 miles, I could feel I was about done. No need to push and finish, and not gaining anything from pounding 3 miles. If I would have finished it would have been no longer than 5:40

Last year, I did this 2 weeks before the Superior 50M, and ran it in 6 hours. I felt I had a great race.

I ran today a lot faster, and felt fine at the end. I am definitely in better shape this year. And I definitely needed this confidence booster.

I crushed the downhills. My form has acclimated to downhills quite well.

I tried out a new North Face hydration pack today. Worked well, will use it from mile 40 on.

Guess it is time to take it easy and prepare.

I am ready. Willing and able.

I got to hang with Tom, Nancy, and Maria in the parking lot and talk aid stations. It sounds like there are going to be some fun things at the aid stations, but Maria would not tell me what. Look for her and her husband Doug at mile 62. Tom and Nancy will be making their famous grilled cheese at mile 40 something. Maybe I can beat Jason Hosuveth's record of grilled cheese sandwiches consumed at that station. I think Tom told me 4.

This will be a FUN race.


keith said...

doesn't it seem like the snow melted like, last week?!

cripes. where does the time go.

see you up there.

Runnin-from-the-Law said...

So glad you had the kind of run you needed today!

SteveQ said...

Care to wager on who can eat the most sandwiches? The State Fair food should be digested by then.

We had the same sort of run out there, just spaced a few hours apart.

Helen said...

great to hear you had a good last long run - it's all mental at this stage!! you are in great shape for the race.

see ya then,


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I at 4 grill cheese sanwiches at Mile 42... three there and one on the way up the hill. Important to note: I ALSO kept them down, so I think anyone who ralphs them back up has to be disqualified (from the sandwich eating portion of the competition). One other thing, I highly recommend ONLY eating three, that last one swamp around for a while. Good luck - Husveth